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Mapping taxonomy terms to Acquia Lift

With Drupal, you can map taxonomy terms to the user-defined fields for Person, Touch, and Event types. Mapped terms will display as meta tags when applicable for a page.

Mapping Drupal-tagged content to Acquia Lift helps you obtain a better understanding of the kinds of content your visitors consume.

To map your existing taxonomies into Acquia Lift, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your website as a user with the permission to administer the personalization settings.

  2. In the admin menu, click Configuration.

  3. In the Web Services section, click the Acquia Lift link.

  4. In the Data collection settings section, click the Field Mappings left tab.

  5. For the Content Section, Content Keywords, and Persona lists, click your website’s taxonomy that most correlates with the item affected by that list.

    Mapping taxonomies

  6. Optional: If your website contains any other taxonomy vocabularies you want to map to Acquia Lift, complete the following steps:

    1. In the left tab listing, click the tab with the vocabulary you want to change:
      • User Person Mappings
      • User Touch Mappings
      • User Event Mappings
    2. Select the taxonomy you want to map for each field.
  7. Click Save configuration.

For examples of content mapping for several industries, see Content tagging use case examples.