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Acquia Lift onboarding guide

Acquia Lift onboarding guides your team in learning how to install, implement, and measure website personalization with Acquia Lift. Acquia Lift onboarding shortens the learning curve during the critical implementation phase, helping you avoid common mistakes while ensuring your website personalizations meet your needs.

Learn more by visiting the Acquia Academy (sign-in required) for the video Acquia Lift Onboarding: Overview.
For a video tutorial that introduces you to Acquia Lift 4, see Acquia Lift Version 4 Getting Started.

Before you begin

Before you begin the onboarding process, your Acquia Lift project must have the following:

  • A defined project owner: Your project owner should be a marketer, not a technical person, to ensure your implementation of Acquia Lift is firmly rooted in your business plan.
  • A “Hello World” use case: Your initial personalization use case will be identified as part of the pre-sales process. It will be used to train your team on Acquia Lift during the onboarding and enablement process.

Additional engagements

In addition to Acquia Lift onboarding, Acquia’s Digital Experience Team also offers the following personalization engagements:

  • Personalization strategy: Helps you define a group of clear personalization use cases and a roadmap to implement them
  • Content planning: Helps you define your content needs for implementing your personalization strategy and provides a content planning template for future planning needs

Contact your Account Manager to buy these additional engagements.

Learn more by visiting the Acquia Academy (sign-in required) for the video Lift Onboarding Learning Plan (Full, ordered course listing for new customers).