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Managing your visitor capture settings

Depending on your needs, Acquia Lift allows you to configure how the Drupal modules and the JavaScript tracking code interact with Acquia Lift.

To modify your capture settings, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Acquia Lift, and then click the Configure tab.

  2. From the left menu, click the Data Collection link.

  3. Under JavaScript Data Collection, in the Activity Level list, select the amount of information that you want to store in Acquia Lift about your visitors from the following options:

    • NONE: Does not collect or store any visitor information
    • CAPTUREONLY: Collects visitor information, but does not calculate segments or enable containers
    • FULL: Collects visitor information, calculates segments, and enables containers
  4. To control how long cookies (both first- and third-party cookies) used by the tracking code persist in visitors’ browsers, enter values for the following fields:

    • Tracking Time: Positive integer for the amount of time to keep the tracking cookie (default value: 2)
    • Time Unit list: Select from the following values:
      • years (default)
      • months
      • weeks
      • days
      • minutes
  5. In the Maximum Size for Queue Cookie (Bytes) field, enter 4096. If, after you have configured this field, your website experiences performance problems, the queue cookie’s maximum size may be too large. The recommended range for optimal website performance is between 4096 and 1024 bytes.

  6. In some cases, your website’s visitors will use a shared resource to access your website—for example, an office that shares a single Internet-connected computer. To allow Acquia Lift to identify specific visitors to your website in these situations, in the Shared Machine Identifier list, click the standard or custom identity type that you want to use for your visitor identifier. When website visitors use a shared computer or resource, Acquia Lift will assign a tracking ID to the visitor that’s based on both the identifier provided by the visitor, and a unique identifier value.

  7. If you want to track visitors across different domains, select the Third-Party Cookie Enabled check box. Acquia Lift will attempt to create third-party cookies that are associated with an Acquia server domain.


    Not all browsers enable third-party cookies, and some visitors may install software to block third-party cookies.

    If you do not select this check box, Acquia Lift will track visitors on your domain’s websites by selecting Use Base Domain to Create Lift First-Party Cookie.

  8. After you have made all of the required modifications, click Update.