Content tagging use case examples

This documentation page provides use cases that are based on how a fitness website could use content tagging to target content to specific visitors to the website, and will then provide examples of how websites from other industries may tag their content. See Mapping taxonomy terms to Acquia Lift for full instructions for mapping taxonomies in Acquia Lift.

Field mappings

The following default field mappings are the foundation of content tagging in Acquia Lift:


In Acquia Lift, a persona is a distinct audience for your content. For example, a fitness website may have two high-level personas, with differing motivations:

  • Active Mom - Motivated by messaging about nutrition and exercise for families and children
  • Elite Athlete - Motivated by content about competitions and research into new diet and exercise trends

For example, if a visitor to your website engages with Elite Athlete content more than they engage with Active Mom content, the visitor would fall into the Elite Athlete persona. Although visitors can only fall into a single persona at a time, a visitor’s persona can change over time if their content consumption habits change on your website.

Content should be tagged with a persona only if the content is exclusively applicable to that persona. If a content item is relevant to more than one persona, such as an About Us page, it should not be tagged with a persona.

Content section

The Content section field enables you to tag your content by topic, which allows Acquia Lift to identify the types of content that a visitor likes, and serve them more of their favored content. Content should be tagged with only one or (at most) a few terms from the vocabulary linked to the Content section field.

For example, a fitness website contains a Drupal taxonomy called Activity that is linked to the Content section field in Acquia Lift and includes the following terms:

yoga, running, strength, cycling, swimming

A particular piece of content on that website can be tagged with any subset of the terms for Activity. Single terms or multiple terms are acceptable, such as:

  • strength AND cycling
  • yoga AND running
  • strength

If a visitor mostly viewed content tagged strength, Acquia Lift would identify that visitor’s favorite Activity content section as strength.


If all terms for a section apply to a piece of content, the content should not receive an Activity tag, as selecting all possible tags will not help indicate a user’s activity preference.

Acquia recommends that you handle most of your tags as a Content section. The first time that you set up tags in Acquia Lift, you will be asked to complete a set of field mappings. The first Content section is configured in the existing Field Mapping section, and you can create additional content sections as needed. See Mapping taxonomy terms to Acquia Lift for more detail.

Additional content sections are displayed under User Defined Field Mappings and Event Mappings, starting with Context to map to the event_udf4 field.


Keywords provide you with additional flexibility with your content tagging. Keywords are best used for terms that may change seasonally or with trends. For example, the fitness website might use the keyword Zika Virus because it is a trending news topic, but not a topic that will always have much content. Similarly, you can use tags such Annual 5k, Meditation, and Business Travel.

Keywords can also be used for topics that you may want to use for a persona or content section in the future.

Example: Fitness website taxonomy

The previous example results in the following taxonomy, which maps the Drupal entity’s Activity vocabulary to the Content Section field in Acquia Lift, and maps additional taxonomies from your Drupal entity to custom fields in Acquia Lift:

Lift client field mapping Lift Profile field Visitor Context
Content Section: Activity Content Section Yoga, Running, Strength, Cycling, Swimming
Content Section: Location event_udf4 NYC, LA, Urban, Suburban
Content Section: Dietary Interests event_udf5 Juicing, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Snacks
Content Section: Beauty Interests event_udf6 Athletic wear, Street style, Natural products, DIY, Celebrity
Keywords   Zika virus, Annual 5k, Meditation, Business Travel

Additional mapping examples

The following tables contain additional mapping examples from other industries, mapping the most important vocabulary from the Drupal entity to the Content Section field in Acquia Lift, and mapping additional taxonomies to custom fields in Acquia Lift:

Example: Education mapping

Lift client field mapping Lift Profile field Visitor Context
Persona   Student, Non-Student
Content Section: Status Content Section Prospective, Admitted, Current, Alumni
Content Section: School Type event_udf4 Undergraduate, Graduate, Continuing
Content Section: Location event_udf5 New England, USA, International
Content Section: Information Type event_udf6 Academic, Admissions, Student Life, Financial
Keywords   Start of term (add or drop classes, housing), End of term (grades, library hours), Visiting campus, Study Abroad, Transfers

Example: Software company mapping

Lift client field mapping Lift Profile field Visitor Context
Persona   Current customer, Prospect
Content Section: Product Family Content Section Cloud Hosting, Infrastructure, Professional Services
Content Section: Product Type event_udf4 Dedicated Hosting, Network, Storage, Database & Data Analytics, Productivity & Collaboration
Content Section: Industry Type event_udf5 Public, Private, Hybrid
Content Section: Industry event_udf6 eCommerce, Finance, Health Care
Keywords   Federal, Annual Conference, Open Source, Customer Stories, Certification, Compliance

Example: Financial sector mapping

Lift client field mapping Lift Profile field Visitor Context
Persona   Customer, Prospect
Content Section: Customer Type Content Section Business, Personal
Content Section: Product Type event_udf4 Checking, Investing, Credit Cards, Loans, Insurance
Content Section: Life Stage event_udf5 Teen, Family, Retired
Content Section: Borrower Score event_udf5 Building, Average, Excellent
Keywords   Mobile Apps, Customer Stories, Calculator, Events

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