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Installing Lightning on Acquia Dev Desktop

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If you want to test or develop your websites using a desktop Mac or Windows-based computer, you can install Acquia Dev Desktop, a completely functional local Drupal environment that contains all of the required components for Lightning.

For information about downloading and installing Acquia Dev Desktop, see Installing Acquia Dev Desktop.

Installing a new Lightning site

After you have installed Acquia Dev Desktop, for information about how to add Drupal websites for your use, see Getting started with Dev Desktop. Be sure to select Lightning from the list of available distributions.

Select the Lightning distribution

After the distribution has downloaded, complete the installation. For information about features available during the installation process, see Managing the additional Lightning features.

Adding a local installation to Acquia Dev Desktop

If you have previously installed Lightning on your local server, you can add it to Acquia Dev Desktop by importing the local website.