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Known issues in Lightning

The Known issues page provides more information about specific known issues with the Lightning Drupal distribution.

If you encounter any difficulties with the Lightning Drupal distribution, contact Acquia Support for help.

  • Compatibility statement for Lightning, Acquia BLT, and Drush

    The following table describes the relationship between supported versions of Lightning, Acquia BLT, and Drush:

    Lightning version Drush version
    Lightning 8.x-3.2.0 and greater (based on Drupal 8.6.x) Drush 9 (including versions of Acquia BLT compatible with Drush 9)
    Lightning 8.x-3.1.7 and earlier (based on Drupal 8.5.x) Drush 8 (including versions of Acquia BLT compatible with Drush 8)

    For information about upgrading Acquia BLT from Drush 8 to Drush 9, see Upgrading from Drush 8 to Drush 9.

  • Issues when uploading files with the dropzonejs module

    When attempting to upload files with the dropzonejs module (packaged with Lightning) to an application with several web servers served by a single load balancer, the web server processing the form submission may not be the web server receiving the temporary file in the AJAX request.
    Workaround – Upload files by using the /media/add interface.

  • Lightning installation file fails due to a 404 error

    When attempting to download the most recent Lightning installation file, your browser may display a 404 Not Found error message.
    Workaround – Use Composer to install Lightning as noted in the 3.2.6 version release notes.

Other known issues

For general issues known about the Lightning Drupal distribution, see the Lightning issue queue on