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Module listing for Acquia Lightning

The Acquia Lightning distribution includes several modules to help you develop and publish your website. Acquia and the Drupal community provide these modules as a base-level of integrated features you can use as you develop your website.


If the Acquia Lightning distribution doesn’t contain a module you require, you can find and download the module from, and then install it on your website. For information about how to install a module, see Installing Drupal 8 modules on

Drupal core modules

As a Drupal distribution, Acquia Lightning installs a group of Drupal core modules (most of which you can remove if you choose) regardless of the Drupal version. These core modules provide the base level of features for your website, including the areas of content creation, display, and website administration.

Community-contributed modules

The Acquia Lightning distribution installs several community- and Acquia-contributed modules, depending on the version of Acquia Lightning.

The latest Acquia Lightning 3.3.x release, based on Drupal 8.7, includes the following modules:


Acquia Lightning 3.3.x uses the Panels and Panelizer modules for landing pages.

You can manually update to Acquia Lightning 4.x, but no migration path is available. New and existing landing pages will continue to use the Panels and Panelizer modules.

For more information about module versions, visit the Acquia Lightning distribution page on Click the release version link in the preceding version tabs, or click the release note link for the latest version in the Downloads section.