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Lightning 8.x-2.13

Wed, 3 May 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.13 (download) contains the following updates:

Module updates

  • Updated Acquia Connector to version 8.x-1.10
  • Updated Chaos tool suite (ctools) to version 8.x-3.0
  • Updated Page Manager to version 8.x-4.0-beta2
  • Updated Panelizer to version 8.x-4.0
  • Updated Panels to version 8.x-4.1
  • Updated Pathauto to version 8.x-1.0
  • Updated Search API to version 8.x-1.0
  • Updated Token to version 8.x-1.0
  • Updated Video Embed Field to version 8.x-1.5


  • Created new DrupalConsole commands that generate and customize behat.yml configuration files for functional testing. (#2812775, GitHub #350)

Fixed issues

  • The media library filter was hidden when the contextual filter value was all. (GitHub #352, #354)
  • Lightning could, under certain circumstances, break Drupal's configuration sync functionality. Now, when a config sync is in progress, Lightning will avoid making any changes to active configuration. (#2870864)

Lightning 8.x-2.12

Thu, 20 Apr 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.12 (download) contains the following update:

Module update

  • Updated Entity Browser to version 8.x-1.0

Lightning 8.x-2.11

Wed, 19 Apr 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.11 (download) contains the following updates:

Module updates


  • The media browser will now be filtered conditionally when used with media reference fields, depending on which media types the field can reference. (#2869240)
  • Implemented an API for bulk entity creation. An interface for bulk upload media items was implemented, but then pulled due to packaging issues. A patch containing the interface is available, and will be merged into Lightning in a later release. (#2870740)
  • Third-party Lightning Media integrations are now included in the README. (GitHub #339, #346)
  • Lightning now uses short array syntax in all of its code. (#2867638)

Fixed issues

  • Lightning Workflow would wrongly interfere with the Save button when creating or editing unmoderated content types. (#2867465)
  • Uninstalling Field UI would break Lightning due to an implicit dependency. (GitHub #340, #327)

Lightning 8.x-2.10

Wed, 5 Apr 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.10 (download) contains the following updates:

Drupal core update

  • Updated Drupal core to version 8.3.0


  • All experimental components have been moved out of the main branch and into the new Experimental branch.
  • Removed all code that was tagged with @deprecated.
  • Updated the Drupal core inherited profiles patch. Lightning will now determine if an installed extension is a base or parent profile when building dependency trees for the Configuration Importer.

Fixed issues

  • Lightning 2.06 users could not remove images after they were added to a media bundle image field. (#2865794)
  • Roles set up by Lightning Media Image did not always install correctly. (GitHub #318)
  • Added two patches for issues introduced Search API beta5.

Lightning 8.x-2.06

Wed, 29 Mar 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.06 (download) contains the following updates:

Module updates

  • Updated Acquia Connector to version 8.x-1.8
  • Updated Chaos tool suite (ctools) to version 8.x-3.0-beta1
  • Updated Embed to version 8.x-1.0


  • Lightning-provided user roles have been moved to a subcomponent of Lightning core, called Lightning roles. This is installed by default, but can be disabled in a sub-profile. If disabled, Lightning will not install or create user roles.
  • New entity reference fields will now use the Lightning media browser by default. Existing entity reference fields are unchanged.
  • Code-based media items now display a preview when being added or edited outside of the media browser.
  • The lightning.config_helper service is now deprecated, and has been replaced by a new interface for manipulating a module's default configuration.

Fixed issues

  • Dependencies of parent profiles could not be uninstalled due to a problem with Drush. (GitHub #311)
  • When uploading files, the media and image browsers assumed that media bundles used a source field. (#2861292)

Lightning 8.x-2.05

Wed, 15 Mar 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.05 (download) contains the following updates:

Drupal core and module updates


  • Manage your installation profiles with Subprofiles
    Lightning now enables users to create subprofiles of their installations based on the Lightning distribution. You can create new subprofiles, or convert existing extend files into subprofiles. Learn more.

Lightning 8.x-2.04

Thu, 9 Mar 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.04 (download) contains the following updates:

Module updates


  • The media browser now allows you to select more than one item for multi-value fields. (#2829444)
  • Scheduled updates now clearly display what is scheduled to happen and when, and multiple updates can be created for basic pages. (#2688411)
  • The *.features.yml files were removed from older features. (#2846724)
  • Lightning does not install Contact and Contact storage if you exclude Lightning Contact Form during installation. (#2854662)
  • Lightning does not install Search API if you exclude Lightning Search during installation. (#2855075)
  • Quick Edit now works with forward revisions and content blocks placed using the in-place editor. (#2847467)
  • Added a configuration form to Lightning Layout that allows you to choose which entity types can be embedded as blocks. (#2851583)
  • Content reviewer roles now have permission to view moderation states. (GitHub #287, #2825934, #2825928)

Fixed issues

  • Reverting the layout of a forward revision of a landing page also reverted the layout of the published version. (#2754649)
  • Lightning Media failed to validate file size and dimension constraints. (#2796683)
  • Custom paths could not be used for files due to Lightning's Behat configuration. (GitHub #278)
  • Image files with uppercase extensions would not generate styles. (#2857694)
  • Unmoderated content types did not display in the Content view. (#2858566)

Lightning 8.x-2.03

Wed, 1 Feb 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.03 (download) contains the following updates:

Drupal core and module updates


  • #2664574: Taxonomy terms are now supported with Panelizer.
  • #2835105: Added help text to the edit form for workspaces that describes how to make a workspace's content live.
  • #2837788: Lightning Workflow now includes a column on the content list page that indicates if a content item has unpublished edits.

Fixed issues

  • #2841172: Translating a field from any content type displayed a white screen error.
  • #2847011: When using a profile that did not explicitly have CKEditor listed as a dependency, attempting to install Lightning experienced issues.

Lightning 8.x-2.02

Wed, 4 Jan 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.02 (download) contains the following updates:

Module updates


  • #2839593: All info files supplied with Lightning's components now have consistent version numbers.
  • The YAML files included with Lightning are now compatible with the strict PECL parser.
  • #2666424: Lightning now installs the core Contact module by default.
  • Commit #252: All titles, links, and headings have been changed to sentence case.

Fixed issues

  • Commit #254: When attempting to display a description for a view mode that does not exist, Lightning returned an error message.
  • #2836258: The Lightning Extension's subcontexts for Drupal Extension could not be autoloaded by Behat.

Lightning 8.x-2.01

Fri, 16 Dec 2016

Lightning 8.x-2.01 (download) contains the following update:


  • #2836442 : The test files were updated to include generic Lightning logos.

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