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Roles in Acquia Lightning

Acquia Lightning creates several roles and permissions during installation for use with content creation and review, and are directly based on the available content types. These roles are part of the Lightning Roles component.

For experienced developers, these roles may be unnecessary, as having several more defined roles can cause the role management on the website to become unmanageable.

Although this feature is installed by default, you can disable role creation during either of the following situations:


Disabling role creation by Lightning Roles after installation doesn’t remove roles created during the installation process.

Other Acquia Lightning components introducing roles will have those roles as an optional configuration, which will carry a dependency on lightning_roles.

Disabling role creation at install

Since Acquia Lightning uses sub-profiles during the installation process, you can use them to disable the Lightning Roles component in a sub-profile before installing Acquia Lightning.

By default, the Lightning Roles modules is located at /docroot/profiles/lightning/modules/lightning_features/lightning_core/modules/lightning_roles.

For more information about creating and editing installation profiles, see How to Write a Drupal 8 Installation Profile on

Disabling role creation after install

After installation, if you want to prevent Lightning Roles from creating other content creation and review roles, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Acquia Lightning website as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Lightning > Roles.
  3. Clear the check boxes for the role types that you don’t want to be created by the Lightning Roles component.
  4. Click Save configuration.