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Mollom FAQ

What types of payment do you accept?

Mollom Developer subscriptions accept PayPal. PayPal allows you to pay with a PayPal account balance, through a credit card (including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), or with a PayPal-enabled wire transfer from your checking or savings account.

Mollom Professional is designed for corporate consumption, and accepts PayPal and PayPal-approved major credit cards. Contact Mollom to pay with a wire transfer or a check.

We also accept wire transfers and checks for volume Mollom Developer subscriptions totaling more than 1,000 Euros.

How often do you bill for Mollom Developer? Will I have to make a payment each month?

Mollom Developer subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis. Unless you cancel your subscription, we automatically bill your PayPal account each month. As long as your PayPal account remains funded (through an existing PayPal balance, transfer from a checking or savings account, or with a major credit card), payments for your Mollom subscription occur automatically. If you are using a PayPal-approved major credit card, your card will be charged each month.

It's possible to pay for a Mollom Professional subscription monthly if you contact us, but this is usually an annual subscription plan. Mollom Professional accounts may be paid via PayPal, PayPal-approved major credit cards, check, or wire transfer. (For wire transfer information or to pay by check, contact us.) Checks and wire transfers are also accepted for Mollom Developer transactions exceeding 1,000 Euros.

Clients with approved volume license agreements will be billed according to their individual agreements.

Is there a discount if I pay yearly, rather than monthly?

Mollom Developer subscriptions are on a monthly basis only. Our Mollom Professional plan has an annual subscription term, but no specific discounts. Contact us if you have a special situation you would like us to consider. Clients with an approved volume license agreement may request semiannual or annual subscriptions.

I don't have a PayPal account; can I pay with a check?

Most Mollom Developer subscriptions only accept online payments through PayPal. PayPal allows you to pay from an existing checking or savings account, however, or by using a major credit card.

If you are paying for multiple Mollom Developer accounts, or prepaying for several months, checks and direct wire transfers can be accepted if the payment amount is in excess of 1,000 Euros.

Mollom Professional customers may pay for annual subscriptions with checks — contact Mollom before doing so.

For a corporate website, can I send you a corporate purchase order and have you bill us for our Mollom subscription?

Mollom Professional accounts are billed annually, and may be paid with PayPal, PayPal-approved major credit cards, by check, or through a wire transfer. Please contact Mollom before paying with a check or wire transfer.

To pay annually by credit card, check, or wire transfer, or to get started with your Mollom Free account after your corporate purchase order has been approved, we recommend creating a Mollom Free subscription for your website. Contact us to arrange your payment and have your website upgraded to the Professional level. Be sure to include your website's public Mollom key in your message.

My country is not supported by PayPal. How can I pay for Mollom?

If you live in a country that is not supported by PayPal, contact us to discuss alternative forms of payment.

Prices are in Euro (EUR). If I pay with another currency, will PayPal apply the correct exchange rates?

Yes. PayPal accepts many currencies. You can fund your PayPal account in your native currency, and PayPal will automatically use the latest exchange rates to process Mollom payments in Euros. Note that your monthly payments to Mollom can vary as exchange rates fluctuate.

You can find the current conversion rates at Yahoo!'s Currency Converter.

Since Mollom Professional accounts are billed annually, the entire payment amount will be calculated at the currency exchange rate applicable when your invoice is created.

Does the monthly fee include VAT or sales taxes?

No, VAT or sales tax charges are not included in the monthly fees listed on our pricing page. However, they are billed to your PayPal account, if applicable:

  • If you are based in the European Union (EU) and do not have a VAT ID/code, you will be charged VAT.
  • If you are based in the EU and have a VAT code, or if you live outside the EU, you will not be charged VAT.
  • US customers are not charged sales tax on monthly subscriptions.

How can I change my credit card information?

Mollom uses PayPal to process payments, and does not store your credit card information. You can update your credit card information or change your PayPal funding method by logging into your PayPal account directly.

Can I get an invoice for a past Mollom payment?

To obtain past invoices, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to using your Mollom account.
  2. Go to your Site manager.
  3. Click Billing history to see a list of past payments.

An invoice is available for each transaction.

How can I cancel my Mollom subscription?

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to using your Mollom account.
  2. Go to Manage sites.
  3. Edit your subscription details.
  4. Follow the provided instructions to access PayPal and cancel your recurring payment to Mollom.

Your cancellation becomes effective at the start of the next billing cycle for your plan. For Mollom Developer customers, the billing cycle starts at the beginning of each month.

I canceled my subscription; can I get a refund for a portion of the payment?

No partial refunds are provided for cancellations in the middle of a subscription period. Mollom Developer is a pay-as-you-go service, with payments due in advance for each month's services — if you cancel your Mollom Developer account, that cancellation becomes effective at the start of the next monthly billing cycle. Mollom Professional is a subscription plan with a single annual payment due in advance.

If my payment fails, will you block my account?

Monthly payments are processed automatically by PayPal, using your PayPal account balance and, if necessary, the backup funding mechanism you have provided to PayPal (a major credit card or bank account information). If a payment cannot be processed using the PayPal account linked to your subscription, you will receive a notification email.

If your payment fails three times, your Mollom subscription account is automatically downgraded to Mollom Free.

Are there any signup or termination fees for your services?

There are no signup fees or termination fees.

Can I change my billing details after creating my account?

Yes. Your name (that you used to create the account, or have subsequently edited) is used in two ways on

  1. Your account information (for all accounts):

    To modify this, access your account on, select Edit profile, and then choose Personal information. This information is not used for billing and can be safely edited at any time.

  2. Your billing information for your Mollom subscriptions.

    To modify this information, access your account on, select Manage sites, click Edit subscription next to the website you wish to edit, and then click Edit again under Product Details. Follow the Edit links to your specific billing details.

    This information is used for billing and should be up to date at all times. It is associated with your PayPal account, but it is stored on independently of PayPal's billing information.

    Editing the billing information should not cause problems with the PayPal account tied to your Mollom account.

Note that past invoices use the billing information that was active at the invoice date.

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