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Mollom FAQ

I already have an Acquia subscription. Can I connect it to my Mollom account?

Yes. If you have an Acquia Cloud subscription, Mollom Developer is provided as part of it. To associate another type of Mollom service plan with your existing Acquia subscription, contact Acquia Support to help you with the account merge process.

How do I upgrade my free plan to a Developer or Enterprise plan?

Follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to your Site Manager.
  2. Click the Site Manager link.
  3. Find the subscription that you want to upgrade, and then click its Edit Subscription link.
  4. Click Edit product details.
  5. Select your new plan. Fill in billing details and continue to payment.

If you would like to pay without using PayPal, or you want to pay annually, contact Acquia's sales team.

What types of Mollom service plans do you provide?

We provide the following service plans:

  • Mollom Free, designed for personal blogs and other small websites
  • Mollom Developer, designed for mid-sized to large community and corporate websites
  • Mollom Enterprise, designed for larger corporate and enterprise-level websites

For more detailed information about Mollom's subscription plans, see the Pricing page.

Volume pricing is available for customers who want to protect multiple websites, and dedicated servers are available for customers with massive volume requirements.

What is Mollom Free?

Mollom Free is our most basic spam filtering service, which is available to websites with limited post volumes. It provides almost all the features of Mollom's paid products, but limits the number of posts it will protect each day. Mollom Free does not come with a service-level agreement.

The backend infrastructure supporting Mollom Free is also more limited than that available to paid plans, which may limit its performance on some mission-critical websites.

Why do you provide a spam detection service for free?

For several reasons:

First, Mollom wants to do whatever we can to help prevent spam. Mollom Free protects many websites that would otherwise have no protection against post and comment spam.

Second, the more websites that use Mollom, the more community intelligence there is for Mollom to use, and the more Mollom’s performance improves. Free users pay Mollom by using and benefiting from it.

Third, since you can upgrade Mollom Free to Mollom Developer at any time, Mollom Free allows you to test Mollom risk-free.

What is Mollom Developer?

Mollom Developer is our subscription-only, high-availability spam filtering service.

Mollom Developer lets you process more legitimate posts and correct CAPTCHAs each day, and gives you access to a robust backend architecture not available to Mollom Free clients. This architecture ensures that your Mollom Developer subscription will scale to meet the demands of your website. The Mollom standard service level agreement for paid subscriptions specifies the details of the 99.9% availability standard we use to evaluate our Mollom Developer infrastructure.

Mollom Developer also presents unbranded CAPTCHAs to website users (the Mollom Free CAPTCHAs include a small Mollom logo linked to the Mollom website).

For a higher post-per-day volume, or for additional pricing and payment options, we recommend Mollom Enterprise.

Why should I pay for Mollom Developer when Mollom Free is available?

If your website has a significant daily volume of posts or you need access to Mollom's high-availability network of servers, Mollom Developer is your best choice. Also, paying for a Mollom Developer subscription helps support Mollom's ongoing quest to fight spam. You can always begin with Mollom Free and upgrade your account to Mollom Developer as your needs increase. Conversely, you can downgrade a Mollom Developer subscription to Mollom Free at any time.

What does high-availability mean?

The Mollom infrastructure was built from the ground up to be scalable and robust. Mollom has servers in multiple independent data centers around the world, providing a high degree of redundancy.

Mollom also uses a load balancing mechanism: when one of the Mollom servers is down or overloaded, your website can move on to the next Mollom server. This mechanism allows for high availability, as it is unlikely that different servers in different data centers around the globe would simultaneously be unavailable. Mollom servers are permanently monitored, and Mollom has technicians on call that can respond to any emergency 24/7, should any issue arise.

Mollom provides paying customers a Standard Service-Level Agreement that sets forth the service delivery criteria that Mollom endeavors to achieve with respect to the Mollom servers. Mollom users with a free Mollom subscription do not receive any service-level agreements.

How do I know that Mollom will meet the needs of my mission-critical website?

Mollom has built its services, pricing plans and infrastructure specifically to meet the needs of enterprise users. We encourage installing Mollom Developer on your website as a trial. Since Mollom clients provide real-time information about how Mollom is evaluating your posts, you will always know exactly how Mollom is performing.

Also, under the terms of Mollom's standard service level agreement for paid subscriptions, we provide redeemable credits for additional time on your license agreement if we do not meet our goal of 99.9% availability.

If you outgrow the daily post volume limits on your Mollom Free or Mollom Developer subscriptions, you can easily upgrade to Mollom Enterprise.

I have several websites. Will I be billed the subscription fee for each website?

Each website is tied to a different subscription, as outlined in the service agreement. You are billed for each paid subscription. Our billing system uses PayPal to automatically process monthly payments for each of your paid Mollom subscriptions. For more information, see the pricing page.

Mollom Enterprise subscribers can use recurring billing through PayPal, or can contact us to arrange a wire transfer or check payment.

Can I manage multiple websites with my account?

Yes, you can manage many websites in your account. Each website is part of a paid or free subscription.

Will you block my website when I exceed my volume limitations?

Yes, but we won't block you after one violation, nor do we block you instantly. If the service volumes of your subscription are consistently exceeded, we will send you an e-mail asking you to upgrade. If you don't upgrade, or reduce your volume, within two weeks from that notice, we will cap your daily volume at the volume limits of your subscription. Content above the cap may go unfiltered.

Can I upgrade and downgrade at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade your subscription at any time by editing your subscription in your site manager. Click Edit Subscription, and then click Edit Product Details. Follow each step until payment is complete. Keep in mind that we do not offer partial refunds when downgrading. Changes to your subscription are only effective at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

Can you provide more details about volume pricing?

We address all volume pricing arrangements on an individual basis. If you are interested in a volume pricing arrangement, contact our sales team to request more information. Please let us know the number of websites you wish to protect and the approximate daily volume of posts for each website.

I have a really big website and worry that the volume limitations are not sufficient.

For very large websites, the volume limits of our standard subscription plans may not be sufficient. For such websites, we provide higher subscription plans (and also options for dedicated servers), which are not offered on the website. Contact us to learn about suitable options for your website.

Can I integrate Mollom into a product of my own?

We do not support integration with our free service, but we encourage integration of Mollom's paid services into other products, and provide an open API to integrate with Mollom. Remember that each individual website must identify itself to Mollom servers using its own Mollom API keypair. We provide a set of advanced APIs that help you manage Mollom API keys.

For more information on product integration and documentation for our API, contact us.

Can I resell Mollom to my own clients?

We want to work with web developers and other vendors interested in reselling Mollom subscriptions. If you are interested in becoming a Mollom partner, contact us for more information.

Does Mollom brand its CAPTCHAs?

It depends on the type of Mollom subscription. CAPTCHAs generated on websites with a Mollom Free subscription automatically include a Mollom logo. This logo is not displayed on websites using paid subscriptions. If the presence of the Mollom logo disrupts the appearance of your website, you can upgrade to a paid Mollom subscription.

What is Mollom Enterprise?

Mollom Enterprise is our advanced spam filtering service, targeted towards large corporate and enterprise clients, enabling you to process many more posts per day and providing access to a robust backend architecture that is not available to free users.

Mollom Enterprise subscriptions can be billed on an annual basis, and may be paid by PayPal or PayPal-approved major credit cards, wire transfer, or check. You can purchase a Mollom Enterprise subscription tied to a monthly recurring PayPal transaction. To pay annually by credit card, check, or wire transfer, first create a Mollom Free subscription. Next, contact Mollom to arrange your payment and have your website upgraded to Enterprise.

The Mollom standard service-level agreement for paid subscriptions specifies the details of the 99.9% availability standard we use to evaluate our Mollom Developer infrastructure.

Like Mollom Developer, Mollom Enterprise presents unbranded CAPTCHAs to users.

Do you provide discounts for nonprofits, universities, or students?

If you have a special pricing situation you would like to discuss, contact our sales team.

Do you provide support?

For customers with paid subscriptions, we provide priority support by email. If you need a rapid response time or telephone-based support, you can arrange your Mollom subscription through Acquia. Acquia provides Mollom subscriptions as part of its comprehensive service offerings built around the Drupal CMS.

Although Mollom does not provide support for Mollom Free users, you can use our online support section and FAQ to obtain answers for many common questions.

Does Mollom support HTTPS/SSL?

Yes, for customers with paid subscriptions, Mollom automatically delivers CAPTCHAs over SSL when they are served from an HTTPS/SSL-protected page.

Note that the Mollom plugin being used on your website needs to be able to determine whether CAPTCHAs should be served over SSL. The plugin sends this information to Mollom when requesting a new CAPTCHA.

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