Using Insight's SEO alerts

Before you can use Insight's search engine optimization (SEO) alerts, you must connect your site to Acquia. This connection provides access to your site's logging and configuration, which Insight then reads and evaluates as it looks for SEO alert conditions.

Viewing SEO alerts

  1. Open the Sites > Insight page for your subscription, and then select SEO from the left menu.

  2. Review the SEO page, which displays your site's current SEO Grader rating and reports on four categories of tests of your site's SEO quality:

    • Page structure
    • Crawlability
    • User experience
    • Best practices

Insight - SEO Grader

Understanding the SEO Grader ratings

Insight inspects each of the sites that you've connected to Acquia, based on their accessibility and search engine optimization. The SEO page displays an alert for each of the items that it examines and creates an overall SEO rating for your site based on the types of alerts it encountered.

SEO Grader score

Your SEO Grader rating is made up of two parts:

  • Percentage score

    Note that because Insight assigns different weights to each alert, the percentage and number of resolved issues don't directly relate to one another. Even if Insight reports that only one SEO alert is unresolved, if the one alert is a priority critical alert, your SEO Grader rating could be red, and your site's search engine optimization could be greatly affected.

  • Color, defined as follows:
    • Green  Green

      Your site is configured to work well with search engines. While you can still have critical or warning alerts for your site, the number and severity of the alerts aren't enough to significantly affect your site. No immediate action is needed.

    • Yellow  Yellow

      Your site's relationship with search engines may be affected by the SEO Grader-reported alerts. Schedule a time to resolve the SEO alerts reported to improve your site's SEO Grader rating.

    • Red  Red

      Your site's interaction with search engines and users is greatly affected by at least one reported issue. Immediately resolve any reported critical alerts to improve your overall SEO Grader rating.

Applying SEO feedback to your site

When Insight identifies an issue or improvement for your site, it creates an alert to inform you of the problem, which includes instructions on how to fix it. Use the SEO page to review all of your site's alerts.

Insight SEO alert

The title of an alert message briefly describes the issue. If you click the Details link, a window opens with additional information about the issue, including how to resolve it.

Types of alert messages

Insight displays four different types of alerts on the SEO page:

  • Critical alerts - Red

    Critical alerts

    Your site is experiencing a serious condition that you should immediately address and resolve. Critical alerts have a greater effect on your overall SEO Grader rating.

  • Warning alerts - Yellow or Orange

    Warning alerts

    Your site is experiencing a condition that you should address and resolve when convenient. While warning alerts affect your site's SEO rating less than critical alerts, a high number of warning alerts can have a similar effect as a critical alert on your rating.

  • Resolved alerts - Green

    Resolved alerts

    If you resolve an issue associated with a warning or critical alert, the alert changes into a resolved alert after the next cron run.

  • Ignored alerts - Grey

    Ignored alerts

    If you click the Ignore button button for any of the other alert types, the alert turns grey and moves to the bottom of its category's alert list. Ignored alerts do not affect a site's overall SEO rating. To stop ignoring an alert, click the Restore link for the alert.

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