Adding valuable services to your site

ExtendAlong with Insight, an Acquia subscription gives you access to additional services in order to extend your Drupal sites, at no additional charge.

Note that Acquia runs the most stable recent release of these services, as tested by Acquia engineering. This may not always be the latest version released by our partners. The following services are accessible on the Acquia Add-ons tab:

Great content deserves great search

Deliver fast and relevant search results on your content-rich Drupal site. Acquia Search lets you create custom search experiences to help your visitors find content faster and stay on your site longer.



Load and performance testing

BlazeMeter is a self-service load and performance testing cloud, 100% compatible with Apache JMeter™, the popular, open source performance testing framework. 



Load and performance testing

Blitz is a self-service load, performance, and scalability testing platform for developers of API, cloud, web, and mobile applications. Blitz requires no scripting and is affordable and easy to use.



Real-time traffic and engagement data

Chartbeat is real-time data for front-line doers;
Chartbeat is real-time data for action takers. Delivering traffic and engagement insights that anyone with a website, iOS app, or social streams can easily understand and make decisions based on — right when it matters.



Collaborative translation platform

Lingotek's Collaborative Translation Platform offers new ways to engage their global communities by providing trusted, rapid translations to expand and grow business in a cost-effective way.



Stop comment spam and profanity with Mollom

Your site is important; it represents your brand. Mollom defends your online reputation by protecting against unwanted comment spam and low-quality content, while saving you from manual moderation.


New Relic

Visibility and control for your business-critical Drupal apps

New Relic’s leading SaaS-based web app performance management tool lets IT teams monitor live Drupal (and other PHP) apps, troubleshoot issues, and tune for optimal performance.

New Relic's Standard Service is available FREE to Acquia customers. Note that New Relic cannot be used at the same time as TraceView. Read more.



Full stack application tracing

TraceView (formerly Tracelytics) from AppNeta is a SaaS-based application performance management solution that pinpoints issues, improves Drupal application performance and assures end-user experience. Acquia subscribers can get a free 60-day TraceView trial.

Note that TraceView cannot be used at the same time as New Relic. Read more.


Visual Website Optimizer

A/B and multivariate site testing

Visual Website Optimizer is an easy to use A/B testing tool. It features a point-and-click test designer and WYSIWYG editor for creating flexible, multivariate testing scenarios.



Improve site speed with Yottaa

Double the speed of your Drupal site with Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer. Cut page load times in half to improve your website ROI and user satisfaction, while saving development time and resources.


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