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The information your site sends to Acquia using the Acquia Connector is available for your site over the lifetime of your Acquia subscription. As a result, the Sites page used to collect information about your sites can become busy, making it hard to find the information you need. For example, your site can send its Acquia Connector status using multiple cron schedules, causing multiple site entries on the Site list page for the same site.

You can use the Subscription > Site Grouping page to control how your sites display on the Sites page, and to provide additional information about how you use your sites. To open the Site Grouping page:

  1. Sign in to your Acquia account.
  2. On the Sites > Insight > Overview page, click the arrow next to Settings and select Manage Sites.

    Manage sites

Grouping sites

Site Grouping page

You can list multiple sites as a single site on the Sites page, combining the reported data from each site as an aggregate score for the grouped site. Grouping the sites gives a more accurate view of the site, as it now represents more reported points in time of its status.

To create a site group:

  1. Click the Edit link for one of the sites to be in the group.
  2. Modify the name of the group to describe the sites it contains.
  3. Add or remove sites from the group.

    To add additional sites to the group, click the Add domain link.

  4. Click Save.

The site group list reloads with the new site group, and the Site list page displays the site group and its aggregate data.

Archiving sites

If you do not want to view a site on the Sites page and also do not want to aggregate a site's data with other reported sites, you can archive the site. The site's data is not deleted from your Acquia subscription — it's just hidden from view.

To archive a site:

  1. Verify that the site is not in a group with other sites.
  2. Click the site's Edit link.
  3. Click Archive site.

To unarchive a site, click its Unarchive link from the Site Grouping page.

Setting the site's type

Your different sites fulfill different roles in your development and production workflow. Some sites are development sites, some are staging sites, and some sites are live, production sites.

To let Acquia know what type of site your site is, click the site's Edit link and select the site type.

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