Purchasing FAQ

Use the following information to help you as you order services and hardware from Acquia.

How does changing my credit card information affect how I'm billed for my subscriptions?

When you change the credit card information associated with your user account, all of the subscriptions that list your user account as the primary subscription will be billed to your credit card.

Do I have to accept the terms of service when I configure my subscription?

Even though the Configure your subscription page does not have a red asterisk ( * ) next to the checkbox for "I have read and accepted the Acquia terms of service," you must select the checkbox to go to the next step of the purchasing process. If you do not select this checkbox, the ordering process displays an error message.

Do I have to enter my credit card information even if I have a coupon?

Yes. Even if you have a coupon that covers the complete billed amount, you must enter a valid credit card number so that you can continue your subscription or scale your server without interruption after the coupon expires.

Why didn't my subtotal change after I entered a coupon code?

The Checkout page validates coupon codes as you enter them, and lets you know if there's a problem with the code. The Checkout page does not change the Subtotal value. To view the correct Subtotal after the coupon is applied against it, click Review order to go to the next step of the purchasing process.

Are there any other billing options besides credit card?

If you're purchasing a Professional subscription without an Acquia Cloud server, you can also select the Purchase order option. In all other cases, you can only purchase subscriptions and servers using a credit card.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your Network or Acquia Cloud standard subscription at any time. For information about how to cancel your subscription to Acquia Cloud, see About Acquia Cloud billing: Cancellation.

My subscription has additional billing and technical contacts. How do I let you know who they are?

To add new contacts or change your existing contact information, log in to the Acquia Network and go to the Subscription > Contacts page to view and edit your current contact information.