Preparing for security, penetration or load testing

Working with Acquia support

If you're going to perform a security scan, penetration testing or load testing on your website, the Acquia Support team needs some specific pieces of information to help to ensure the success of your tests and prevent website outages. For information specific to load testing, see Load and stress testing.

What Acquia needs to know

The Acquia Support team needs to know the following:

  • Exact start and end dates and times (including timezone) of the planned testing
  • Originating IP addresses conducting the testing (please list individual IPs, NOT IP ranges)
  • Expected methodologies and specific tools to be used in the process of the security testing
  • Contact information for any third party that is conducting the testing (if being done by a third party)

After you've collected this information, open a ticket with the Support team that includes this information. The Support team will then engage other teams to prepare for your tests as necessary.

Create the ticket to notify the Support team at least two business days in advance of your testing.

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