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Mollom FAQ

Mollom and Acquia

Mollom is an Acquia subsidiary. Together, Mollom and Acquia provide comprehensive social publishing solutions to help organizations create compelling content and connect with their customers. Mollom works seamlessly with Acquia services, such as Acquia Cloud.

If you are a Drupal user, and you need rapid response times or telephone-based support for Mollom, you may wish to arrange your Mollom subscription through Acquia. Mollom also supports other content management platforms.

The logo consists of a small twig growing on top of the word Mollom. This refers to your website growing and improving in peace, using the intelligent content moderation techniques Mollom provides.

I want to display the Mollom logo on my website. Where can I find it available for download?

For information about obtaining and using our logo, as well as our fair-use policy in regard to our logo and wordmark, contact us.

How do I pronounce Mollom?

Moll - om.

Where does the name Mollom come from?

  • It is a palindrome.
  • It is a Star Wars reference.
  • In Dutch we say mol'em.
  • Mole, as in wave breaker
  • Mole, as in beautiful facial protrusion

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