Acquia Platform APIs

Acquia offers public APIs for many of its products to enable developers to build powerful tools, automate repetitive tasks, and create custom development and testing workflows for sites. We introduce and expand our APIs regularly.

Here is a list of our currently available APIs:

Product API Description
Acquia Cloud logo Acquia Cloud Acquia Cloud API Extend, enhance, and customize Acquia Cloud using a RESTful API web interface, Drush commands, and Cloud Hooks (scripts executed by defined triggers)
Acquia Cloud Site Factory logo Acquia Cloud Site Factory Site Factory API REST API to create and manage your hosted websites and to obtain the status of your Acquia Cloud Site Factory interface's jobs
Content Hub logo Content Hub Content Hub API Enables you to create, read, update, and delete content entities in the Content Hub service
Acquia Insight logo Acquia Insight Custom Insight tests Enables you to develop your own custom Acquia Insight tests when Insight examines your websites
Acquia Lift logo Acquia Lift File Import API Enables Acquia Lift customers with the Omnichannel subscription to import structured data about website visitors from other data sources
Acquia Lift logo Acquia Lift JavaScript API Use the JavaScript API to send information to the Acquia Lift service
Acquia Lift logo Acquia Lift Push API Enables the Acquia Lift service to send information to an external endpoint URL
Acquia Lift logo Acquia Lift REST API REST API that you can use to integrate your websites and applications to the Acquia Lift service
Mollom logo Mollom Mollom API REST API that allows for simple Mollom client implementations

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