Content Hub 1.11.0

Release Date

Content Hub contains the following updates:

Required module version

Install or update to the Content Hub 1.11.0 module version.


  • Get started more quickly with bulk content imports

    Content Hub now has the ability to bulk import content to the hub when you first connect a website to it, which can improve the speed of content publishing. This feature includes support for Views Bulk Operations. (CHMS-320 & CHMS-634)

  • Better integration with Drush

    The product now has additional Drush commands, which can be used for exporting arbitrary entities to Content Hub. (CHMS-635)

Fixed issues

  • Content that used Paragraphs or Field collections was not updated during a re-synchronization. (CHMS-618)
  • Content with Field-collections fields that were configured as translatable was marked as able to be sent to the publisher hub. (CHMS-618)

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