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Looking for the latest and greatest new features and changes to Lightning? Read on and check back regularly to see what else we’ve done.

Lightning 8.x-2.25

Thu, 7 Dec 2017

This release of the Lightning Drupal distribution (download) contains the following updates:

Resolved security alert

  • Updated Configuration Update Manager to version 8.x-1.5

Drupal core update

  • Updated Drupal core to version 8.4.3


  • The update:lightning console command since option has been converted to an argument and is now required.

Lightning 8.x-2.24

Wed, 6 Dec 2017

This release of the Lightning Drupal distribution (download) contains the following updates:


  • Lightning now uses the Content Moderation module instead of the Workbench Moderation module. For details about migrating your content, see Migrating to Content Moderation with Lightning.
  • Added a new Scheduled Publications sub-component of the Lightning workflow, replacing Scheduled Updates (which is incompatible with Content Moderation).
  • The issue queue for Lightning is now located on The previous Lightning issue queue on GitHub is closed.

Fixed issues

  • Media names appeared in view modes, where they had previously been hidden after updating to the Media module included with Drupal core.
  • Lightning's media browser enhancements could not be used on any other view, including clones of the media browser.
  • In certain circumstances, older and irrelevant configuration updates were performed when updating Lightning.

Known issue

  • Recent versions of cweagans/composer-patches are incompatible with older versions of the Git and GNU Patch utilities. Upgrade to the latest stable versions of these utilities on any computer that you use to build Lightning, including continuous integration (CI) services.

For additional information about this release, including any updated or changed Drupal modules included with the distribution, see this release's download page on

Lightning 8.x-2.23

Thu, 2 Nov 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.23 (download) contains the following updates:

Drupal core update

  • Updated Drupal core to version 8.4.1.

Lightning 8.x-2.22

Wed, 1 Nov 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.22 (download) contains the following updates:

Fixed issues

  • When executing database updates, some versions of Drush erroneously reported unfulfilled requirements.
  • When requiring Lightning during a Composer build, a duplicate source directory caused build failures.
  • Some versions of Drush executed hooks provided by uninstalled modules included in the codebase.

Lightning 8.x-2.21

Wed, 25 Oct 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.21 (download) contains the following updates:


  • Lightning Media now uses the new Media system included in Drupal core.

Fixed issue

  • The Publishing status checkbox was displayed, not hidden, on content edit forms.

Lightning 8.x-2.20

Wed, 4 Oct 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.20 (download) contains the following updates:

Drupal core and module updates

  • Updated Drupal core to version 8.4.0
  • Updated Metatag to version 8.x-1.3
  • Updated OAuth 2.0 to version 8.x-3.0

Lightning 8.x-2.13

Wed, 3 May 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.13 (download) contains the following updates:

Module updates

  • Updated Acquia Connector to version 8.x-1.10
  • Updated Chaos tool suite (ctools) to version 8.x-3.0
  • Updated Page Manager to version 8.x-4.0-beta2
  • Updated Panelizer to version 8.x-4.0
  • Updated Panels to version 8.x-4.1
  • Updated Pathauto to version 8.x-1.0
  • Updated Search API to version 8.x-1.0
  • Updated Token to version 8.x-1.0
  • Updated Video Embed Field to version 8.x-1.5


  • Created new DrupalConsole commands that generate and customize behat.yml configuration files for functional testing. (#2812775, GitHub #350)

Fixed issues

  • The media library filter was hidden when the contextual filter value was all. (GitHub #352, #354)
  • Lightning could, under certain circumstances, break Drupal's configuration sync functionality. Now, when a config sync is in progress, Lightning will avoid making any changes to active configuration. (#2870864)

Lightning 8.x-2.12

Thu, 20 Apr 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.12 (download) contains the following update:

Module update

  • Updated Entity Browser to version 8.x-1.0

Lightning 8.x-2.11

Wed, 19 Apr 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.11 (download) contains the following updates:

Module updates


  • The media browser will now be filtered conditionally when used with media reference fields, depending on which media types the field can reference. (#2869240)
  • Implemented an API for bulk entity creation. An interface for bulk upload media items was implemented, but then pulled due to packaging issues. A patch containing the interface is available, and will be merged into Lightning in a later release. (#2870740)
  • Third-party Lightning Media integrations are now included in the README. (GitHub #339, #346)
  • Lightning now uses short array syntax in all of its code. (#2867638)

Fixed issues

  • Lightning Workflow would wrongly interfere with the Save button when creating or editing unmoderated content types. (#2867465)
  • Uninstalling Field UI would break Lightning due to an implicit dependency. (GitHub #340, #327)

Lightning 8.x-2.10

Wed, 5 Apr 2017

Lightning 8.x-2.10 (download) contains the following updates:

Drupal core update

  • Updated Drupal core to version 8.3.0


  • All experimental components have been moved out of the main branch and into the new Experimental branch.
  • Removed all code that was tagged with @deprecated.
  • Updated the Drupal core inherited profiles patch. Lightning will now determine if an installed extension is a base or parent profile when building dependency trees for the Configuration Importer.

Fixed issues

  • Lightning 2.06 users could not remove images after they were added to a media bundle image field. (#2865794)
  • Roles set up by Lightning Media Image did not always install correctly. (GitHub #318)
  • Added two patches for issues introduced Search API beta5.

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