Acquia Cloud Site Factory: Favicon Issues

As an Acquia Cloud Site Factory customer, you may have experienced an issue where a site-defined favicon is not reflected consistently across sites, or showing inconsistently between pdf files and html files.

In lieu of crafting complicated conditional redirects in .htaccess, or adding rewrite rules to your site's files directory, the easiest way to resolve this problem is by installing the Favicon module:

This module takes the favicon for the current site/theme and makes it available at the url (where is your domain). The problem is that some web browsers and web applications blindly make a call to looking for your sites favicon. In drupal this causes an error entry to show up in the logs because there is nothing there.

If you want your icon to show at that address you can put a copy of your favicon in the root drupal directory. But, what if you have a multisite configuration with different favicons. This module will allow that address to show the current themes favicon at and it will work for multisite configurations.

For this module to work correctly in Drupal 7, you must comment out #RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !=/favicon.ico in the Drupal root .htaccess file.

Currently, there is no stable release of this module for Drupal 8.

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