Addressing Content Hub UI display cutting off content on admin/content/content-hub


The Content Hub UI at admin/content/content-hub can sometimes appear to cut off columns or parts of the page on the initial page load, but corrects itself on subsequent page loads. Customer themes can also potentially cause display issues with the interface.


Until this issue has been addressed at the product level for all versions of the D7 module, there is custom CSS code and an equivalent patch to the Content Hub module that can be implemented to temporarily correct the problem.

Apply the following CSS rule in a custom CSS file:

.view-content-hub-discovery .content-hub-discovery-list-column {
   display: block;

Alternately, you could apply this patch to any 7.x version of the Content Hub module:

diff --git a/modules/content_hub_drupal/content_hub/css/content_hub.css b/modules/content_hub_drupal/content_hub/css/content_hub.css
index 2ad3920..354bfa6 100644
--- a/modules/content_hub_drupal/content_hub/css/content_hub.css
+++ b/modules/content_hub_drupal/content_hub/css/content_hub.css
@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@
   overflow-x: hidden;
 .view-content-hub-discovery .content-hub-discovery-list-column {
-  display: table-cell;
+  display: block;
   vertical-align: top;
   height: inherit;

Other CSS rules that have helped customers; however, every customer may have varying results in Drupal 7:

#content-hub-discovery-view-filters .views-exposed-form .views-exposed-widget {
  float: left;
.view-content-hub-discovery h1, .view-content-hub-discovery h2, .view-content-hub-discovery h3 {
  font-size: initial;


This is an issue with all versions of the Drupal 7 Content Hub module.

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