Installing Personalization for Drupal 7

Use the following instructions to install and configure the Experience Builder client module on your Drupal 7 website.


As you are preparing to use Experience Builder with your website, be sure to plan for the following requirements:

Component Requirement
Drupal version Drupal 7
Keys After you purchase Personalization, Acquia will email you a set of keys which are required to connect to the Experience Builder service.

Installing Experience Builder

To install and configure Experience Builder, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Drupal website as an administrator.

  2. Install and enable the following module on your website:

  3. In the admin menu, click Configuration, and then click the Personalization link.

  4. In the Personalization Credential section, complete the following fields:

    • Account ID: Personalization account ID
    • Site ID: The Personalization customer website associated with the account ID
    • Assets URL: Obtain from your account manager
    • Decision API URL: The API endpoint associated with your region (optional override)
    • Authentication URL: Obtain from your account manager (optional override)


    Each website must have a unique Site ID. This includes development and testing environments.

  5. Click Save configuration.

After you have ensured that all required modules are installed and available for use, your website has the ability to connect to the Experience Builder service.