Known issues

This page describes known issues for Personalization.

If you encounter any difficulties with your Personalization subscription, contact Acquia Support for help.

  • Webpages with many defined slots or rules may return content more slowly.

  • Do Not Track cookies must be disabled or deleted manually. Learn more.

  • When navigating a search query for subscriber accounts or segments, some users experience inconsistencies in the query list after navigating away and then returning.

  • Segment names containing special characters, such as may not be visible within reports and should be avoided.

  • CloudFlare users may encounter problems launching Experience Builder if strict Threat Score blocking is enabled.

    To resolve this, create a Firewall Rule in Cloudflare that only fires if the URL contains acquia-lift-token to allow traffic flow.

  • For content recommendation campaigns, the Most viewed content algorithm is currently unavailable.