Upgrading from Personalization 3 to Personalization 4

Upgrading from Personalization 3 to Personalization 4 is a one-time process handled from the central application screen.

During the migration process, slots and rules migrate to the updated format. You can choose which slots and rules to migrate:

  • Everything in your account
  • Everything for a specific website
  • Individual slots and rules
For a video tutorial including step-by-step instructions for upgrading from Personalization 3 to Personalization 4, see Personalization Version 4 Getting Started.

Switching to Personalization 4

To migrate your account to use Personalization 4, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure the most recent version of the Personalization module is installed and enabled.


    This module update is required. If your website has the incorrect version of the module, your upgrade may fail or have other issues.

  2. Sign in to Personalization.

  3. Navigate to Configure > Customer sites.

  4. In the Customer Site Detail section, ensure each Site ID has a value for the URL field.

  5. Contact Acquia Support to request to switch to Personalization 4. Support will activate the new version.

  6. Sign in to your Drupal website, and then navigate to Configure > Personalization.

  7. In the Personalization Credential section:

  8. Click Save.

Confirming your website is running Personalization 4

After the saving Assets URL, you can confirm your website is running Personalization 4 by navigating to any front-page of your website. With your browser tools open, look for a /decide network request. If you see /decide and not /decide-js, your website has switched to Personalization 4.

Decide shows in the browser tools instead of decide.js

When your website is using Personalization 4, you can start to create campaigns.

Migrating the content

Migrate some or all your content using the following procedure:

  1. Review your existing websites to ensure your rules have unique names.

  2. In Personalization, click Migrate. The Migrate: Select Migration Type dialog box displays.

  3. Select a migration type:

    • Entire account
    • Specific site(s)
    • Specific rule(s)
  4. Click Next.

  5. Follow the appropriate instructions for your migration type:

    The Migrate: Entire Account dialog box displays. To migrate your account, click Migrate.

    The Migrate: Specific site(s) screen displays.

    1. Use the filter and select a check box to choose a specific website.

    2. Click Next.

    3. Select the check box for one or more rules and slots to migrate. Alternately, you may select All, Published, or None.


      When selecting Specific rule(s) to migrate, archived rules do not display.

    4. Click Migrate.

    5. A confirmation dialog box displays. Click Confirm migration.


    If you have selected a website and some rules and then change the website, the rule selections are cleared. This prevents accidental migration of rules.

The Migrate: Pending dialog box displays. When migration is complete, the Migrate: Success dialog box displays. If the migration fails, the Migrate: Failure dialog box displays. Contact Acquia Support for help.


You can’t close the migration dialog box by either pressing Esc or clicking Back in your browser. This behavior prevents unintentional closing which could cause potential migration problems.

The preceding steps complete the migration process. You are now ready to add new rules, or create campaigns on your Personalization-enabled website.

You may return to the Personalization dashboard at any time to perform other migrations, or click the link in the migration dialog box.

Downgrading to Personalization 3

If you must return to Personalization 3, use this procedure to change the Assets URL.

  1. Sign in to your Drupal website, and then navigate to Configure > Personalization.
  2. In the Personalization Credential section:
    • Change the Assets URL value to:
  3. Click Save.

These procedures will remove the Personalization 4 features.