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Connecting to the Data warehouse

This feature is available to Personalization - Premium and Personalization Starter - Premium subscribers.

Personalization users who have access to the Data warehouse may use tools to access the warehouse directly.

Select from the following tools to connect to your AWS Redshift data warehouse:

For any of these software packages, you must obtain the Data warehouse connection information from either the Personalization Customer Success team or Acquia Support.


The following example describes how to connect to the Data warehouse with DataGrip:

  1. Ensure you have your connection information from Acquia.
  2. Open DataGrip.
  3. In the menu, go to New > Data Source > Amazon Redshift.
  4. In the connection screen, enter the following values in the appropriate fields:
    • Name: A descriptive name for your connection.
    • Host: Your hostname, provided by Acquia, in the format:
    • Database: Your Acquia-provided account ID, in the format ACCOUNTID.
    • User: Your account ID, suffixed with data, in the format ACCOUNTIDdata.
    • Password: Your password, generated by Acquia.

Depending on your needs, either accept the default values for the other fields, or use the generated values based on what you entered as part of the process.