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Preparing to install Personalization

At the start of your Personalization onboarding, you will receive an email with sign-in information for Personalization. You will be responsible for adding and maintaining user accounts for your organization, and you can assign different permissions to the users you create.

Before your Personalization onboarding kickoff call, held 30 to 45 days before your launch, perform the following steps on your website:

  1. Install Personalization on your website.
    • If you are installing Personalization on a Drupal website
    • If you are installing the Personalization.js script on a non-Drupal website
  2. Complete the post-installation steps for Personalization.

Post-installation steps

After you install the Personalization modules, complete the provided Technical Installation Questionnaire and email your Digital Experience Consultant notifying them you have installed the required modules. Your Digital Experience Engineer will do a critical path test of Personalization and provide a technical report on the findings.

Your technical report will include your configuration details, instructions for creating customer sites, and guidance for pushing your configured modules into a production environment.