Signing in to Personalization

Signing in to Personalization

To sign in to the Personalization interface and manage your campaigns and visitor information:

  1. Access the application through the URL:
  2. Enter your sign-in information to access the Personalization dashboard.

Personalization user sessions have a non-changeable timeout of 30 minutes.

Other information in the interface

In the upper-right corner of the interface are the following items:

  • Help displays a list of links. Click any link to navigate:
    • Help documents brings you to Personalization
    • View Support tickets goes to
    • Submit a support ticket
    • The Search Help Documents text box, which searches Acquia’s product documentation and knowledge base.
  • The Product picker (a grid of 9 squares) is a menu which opens the sign-in page for the selected product, in a new browser tab.
  • Clicking the Profile icon displays a dialog box containing your user email address, and a Sign out link.
  • When a new release note or status change is available, the In product announcement icon The antenna icon represents the in-product display for release notes displays. Click the icon to display the release notes or to see any announcements. A small blue bar displays when no new information is available. Point to the bar to display the icon. Select the right arrow (>) to go to For more information, see Using in-product messaging.