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Merging campaigns

In Personalization, you can merge multile campaigns.

To merge multiple campaigns:

  1. Sign in to Personalization.

  2. Go to Personalize > Campaigns.

  3. Click MERGE.

    The Merge Multiple Campaigns modal appears.

    Merging multiple campaigns


    The Select Campaigns modal appears.

    Selecting campaigns

  5. Select the site that contains the campaigns that you want to merge. You can only select sites that belong to your logged-in account.


    You cannot merge campaigns that belong to different sites.

  6. Select the campaigns (published or unpublished) that you want to merge. You must select at least two campaigns for merge. However, there is no maximum limit on the number of campaigns that you want to merge.


    • The system doesn’t display campaigns with status: Archived, Scheduled, and Complete.
    • You can’t merge Mixed type campaigns.

    If you are unable to locate a specific campaign, you can perform a search as well.

    Searching for campaigns

  7. Click NEXT.

    The confirmation modal appears.

    Merging campaigns

  8. Click MERGE.


    Once you merge the campaigns, the system archives the existing campaigns and creates a new one.

    If the merge is successful, a success message appears.

    Successful merge campaigns

    If the merge is not successful, an error message appears. To rectify the error, you can contact Acquia support.