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Understanding rule cards

After creating a rule in Personalization, you can view all of the information regarding that rule on its rule card.

The rule card is what is displayed when you are using the Personalization sidebar, and it provides you a summary of the rule configuration.

Small rule card

At the left-most portion of the example card is a vertical gray bar, which indicates that this is a draft, unpublished rule. It will not be live on the website and is not available for decisions.

To the right of the gray bar, if the content being shared includes an image, the rule card will display a thumbnail preview of the image.

Finally, the rule details are listed, described as follows:

  • The first line indicates the type of rule and the rule name. If the name is longer than the card, point to the title to see the full name:
    • Target icon Target - A basic rule with a goal—often a basic click-through goal.
    • A/B test icon Pie chart - Indicates that the rule is an A/B test.
  • Segment icon Segment - The segment in use for the rule. Defaults to Everyone.
  • Slot name icon Slot name - The name of the slot that the rule is in.