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Configuring and prioritizing rules

Rules can be configured and managed from both the Rules tab and by expanding individual slots. On any rule card, clicking the three dots opens the Rules menu. In the Rules menu, you can take the following actions:

Rule card options

  • Preview - Allows you to preview the rule as it would appear on the page. If the rule is an A/B test, you can select which piece of content in the A/B test you wish to preview
  • Configure - Expands the rule card to configure different settings of the rule
  • Report - Expands the rule card to show its report. Learn how to read rule reports
  • Publish/Unpublish - Changes the status of your rule to published or unpublished depending on the rule’s current state
  • Delete - Deletes the rule from Personalization.


Clicking Configure in the rule menu expands the card to display the following three tabs which enable users to modify the rule.


This tab contains a list of the content to be shown for this rule. A targeting rule will display a single piece of content, while a testing rule will show two or more pieces of content.

Configuring the rule content

Each rule displays the rule name (default), the thumbnail (optional), and the Layout used by this rule. Change the content display list by selecting either the view-list icon or the view-grid icon in the upper right corner.

List and grid view icons

Users can preview individual content items on the page by clicking the Preview link next to each content item.

By default, the content shows as a list. To change the display, click the view switcher.


A goal is a specific objective created for visitors to your website. Adding goals to a rule allows Personalization to track whether these goals are met when the rule is shown to visitors. To create a new goal in Personalization, click the Goals tab. By default, a click-through goal is created for every rule.

Adding a goal to a rule

To add additional goals to a rule:

  1. On the appropriate rule card, click the +Add goal to rule link. Personalization displays an additional goal list.
  2. In the goal list, click a new goal.
  3. Remove any obsolete goals by clicking the Remove goal link next to each goal.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.


The Settings tab enables users to modify the name of the rule and the segment to which it applies. Additionally, if the rule is a testing rule, users can modify the testing distribution for each content item.

Changing rule settings

Rule names

When a rule is created, it inherits the name of its content item. Rules can be renamed at any time, but a rule name must be unique to the individual slot it exists within. For example, you can have two rules in two different slots with the name Test rule but you cannot have two rules named Test rule in the same slot. To change a rule name, enter the new name in the Rule name text box, and then click Save.

Rule segments

The rule’s target segment can be changed using the segment selection list. Segments can be created and managed in Personalization. To change the segment, select the segment you wish to target in the Segment list and then click Save.

A/B testing

If the rule is a testing rule, there will be a section at the bottom of the Settings tab listing the different content items and their testing distribution. By default, all testing rules inherit an even testing distribution between their content items. To change this testing distribution, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Custom next to the Testing Distribution label. This activates the text boxes next to each content item.
  2. After the text boxes are active, enter a percentage (%) distribution of your choice for each content item. The sum of each content items percentage must equal 100%. Personalization displays an error if this is not the case.
  3. You can switch the distribution back to an even split by clicking the Even heading next to Testing Distribution.

Once your percentages are set, click Save.

Prioritizing rules

Rules are prioritized on a per-slot basis. Prioritizing rules determines which rules should show ahead of others when more than one rule exists within a slot.

To prioritize the rules in a slot, click the slot to activate its slot controls, and then click Expand Slot.

Expand the slot

The slot expands to a full-screen window and lists all the rules that exist within the slot, regardless of the rule’s targeted segment.

The rules in the slot are prioritized in the list from top to bottom. Personalization will compare the user’s profile to the available rules, and offer the user content for the first rule that matches their profile. For example, if a user does not fall into the segment of the first published rule in the list, their profile is compared to each successive rule, and matched with the next published rule in the list that matches their assigned segment.

Prioritizing rules

To change the priority of a rule, click the dots on the left side of the rule card and drag the rule card to the location in the list where you want the rule.


Rules targeted toward the Everyone segment are shown to all website visitors. If a published rule using the Everyone segment is prioritized above other published rules in the slot, it always displays to all visitors.