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Creating and configuring content recommendations

Content recommendation rules in Personalization allow you to create dynamic personalized experiences without significant manual intervention, based on criteria you specify.

Recommendations enable you to create a rule once, and then configure the number of items you want the rule to return. Instead of returning a specific result, your recommendations will return either the most recent, or most popular, content matching your filters.

Creating a content recommendation

To create a content recommendation, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Experience Builder interface.

  2. Identify a content slot for which you want to create a content recommendation.

  3. Create and save a filter for content.

  4. After you save the filter, in the Experience Builder sidebar, click Create.

    Create link

  5. In the Content tab, click Saved Filters.

  6. Identify your desired filter containing the content you want to feature in the slot.

  7. Select the filter, drag it to your desired slot, and then drop the filter into the desired slot.

  8. Dismiss the notification the rule has been created.

Your newly created recommendation will display a single piece of content, and will recommend the most recent piece of content matching your filter. Next, you must configure the content recommendation.

Configuring a content recommendation

By configuring a recommendation rule after creating it, you can alter what content displays, the manner the content displays, and the audience to whom the content displays. To configure a recommendation rule, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Experience Builder interface.

  2. Expand your Experience Builder sidebar.

  3. Click the Rules tab.

  4. Identify the recommendation rule you want to change. Recommendation rules are marked with the following icon: Recommendations icon

  5. Click the three dots icon Three dots icon for your desired rule.

  6. Click Configure to expand the rule, which provides more information about the rule.

  7. Click the Settings tab for your desired rule to display the following configuration options:

    Rule settings

    • Rule Name: The name of the recommendation rule; by default, the rule name assumes the name of the saved filter

    • Segment: The segment targeted by the recommendation rule

    • Algorithm: The primary recommendation method Personalization used to decide which piece of content gets recommended to a user. By default, the Most recently published content and Most viewed content methods are included

    • Content Layout: The view mode used to display the content

    • Number of content items: The number of content items Personalization should return; set to 1 by default, with a maximum of 10

    • Exclude Previously Viewed Content: If set to Yes, Personalization won’t display content previously served to this visitor


      Viewed content is defined as content items which have a registered Content View event in Personalization. This feature won’t filter out content shown to a user in a decision.

  8. Click Save to save your unpublished changes.

To publish the recommendation live on your website, click the three dots icon Three dots icon in the Rules in your desired rule, and then click Publish.

Recommendation fallbacks

For those occasions when the number of items returned is fewer than your website’s design expects, it’s important to build fallbacks for your recommendation rules. Some examples of why fallbacks are necessary to ensure your website’s design appears as designed include the following:

  • Missing content: No content is returned, leaving your slot empty
  • Incomplete content: Fewer items than expected are returned, leaving your slot partially filled

Acquia recommends creating a second rule that fetches a result excluding the items returned in the first rule, and then appending the results of the second rule to your initial rule. Following this recommendation ensures your display always contains the number of items you expect.