Understanding the Sites page

The Sites page in Personalization provides a list of summary cards for all websites using personalizations. To view the Sites page:

  1. Sign in to Personalization.

  2. Click Personalize > Sites.

Viewing Sites

To add a site, click Add New Site which redirects you to the Create a site page.

To deploy campaigns, click Deploy Campaigns which starts the Automated Multi-Site Personalization Management process. For more information, see Automated multisite personalization management.

Use the Search text box to find a website by its name.

You can use either the Card View or List View to view the site details.

The Card View displays the following details:

  • Website name: The name of the website.

  • URL: The fully qualified domain name of the website.

  • Campaigns: The number with the label is the number of active campaigns on that website, followed by the Campaigns icon.

  • Slots: The number of slots created on the website, followed by the Slots icon.

  • Pages: The number of website pages containing slots for personalizations.

For more details about a website, click:

  • Manage Details on a specific card to go to the Site Details page.

  • View Pages on a specific card to go to the details page for that website.

The List View displays the following details:

  • Name: The name of the site. When you click a site name, the corresponding Site Details page displays.

  • External ID: The external ID of the site.

  • URL: The URL of the site.

For more details about a website or to delete a website, click:

  • View Pages to go to the details page for that website and view all the pages associated with that site.

  • Manage Details to go to the Site Details page and view more information about the website.

  • Delete to delete the website. You cannot delete a site if it is associated with a campaign.