Acquia Pipelines beta terms and limitations

The following limitations, restrictions, and expectations apply to your use of Acquia Pipelines during the private beta period:

  • Your access to the Acquia Pipelines beta is free. However, the generally available version of Acquia Pipelines will include both free and paid service levels. The free service level in the generally available version may include fewer features than the beta version.
  • During the beta period, your Acquia Pipelines jobs will be limited to 1.6GB of memory, 10GB of disk space, one hour of running time per job, and a maximum of two concurrent jobs. We may revise these limits during the beta period.
  • Your access to the free Acquia Pipelines beta program will expire on March 31, 2017. We may extend the free beta program based on feedback and product readiness.
  • We will respond to Acquia Pipelines service outages only during business hours US/Eastern time.
  • We may revoke your access to the Acquia Pipelines beta program or terminate the Acquia Pipelines beta program entirely at any time for any reason without notice, although we will do our best to notify you if this happens.
  • While Acquia Pipelines is in beta, we recommend that, if Acquia Pipelines becomes part of your developer workflow, you should maintain an alternate method for creating and deploying build artifacts.
  • Participation in the Acquia Pipelines beta program requires acceptance of the Acquia beta agreement.

To provide feedback on Acquia Pipelines and report any bugs you encounter while using it, you can create a Support ticket.

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