Creating a custom variable for job tracking

As part of building scripts for your Cloud Platform application, you may need a custom variable that provides the full URL to a specific job in the pipeline. Since the job ID and application ID are both provided in a job’s output, it is possible to combine them into a custom variable in your build definition file.

Obtaining the application ID and job ID

The UUIDs for your PIPELINE_APPLICATION_ID and PIPELINE_JOB_ID are available in the Initialization section of an Pipelines job’s log, and appear similar to the following:

export PIPELINE_APPLICATION_ID='11111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555'
export PIPELINE_JOB_ID='66666666-7777-8888-9999-000000000000'

Obtaining the job URL

To have a job’s full URL be made available for use as a variable called PIPELINE_JOB_URL, add the following line to the VARIABLES section of your build definition file: