Upcoming changes in the Acquia Cloud 1.94 release

We would like to draw your attention to following changes occurring in the 1.94 Acquia Cloud release.

Changes to Apache Log Header Fields

In this release, apache log forwarding has changed. Apache logs now include the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header field. Some customers may see extra apache fields in log forwarding that may disrupt reports generated from these logs.

Memcache module for Drupal 8 supported by default configuration

As of the Acquia Cloud 1.94 release, the current version (8.x-2.0-alpha2) of the Memcache module for Drupal 8 will be supported as the default configuration on Acquia Cloud.

Acquia will be enabling the Memcache module by adding the following lines to the configuration file in your site:

settings['memcache']['servers'] = array('server-123.realm.hosting.acquia.com:11211' => 'default', ...);
settings['memcache']['key_prefix'] = $conf['acquia_hosting_site_info']['db']['name'] . '_';

If you have not yet configured Memcache on a Drupal 8 website on Acquia Cloud, you do not need to do anything in response to this change.

In Acquia Cloud 1.94 release, we will update the settings.inc files to include both the $conf and the $settings configurations to provide customers the opportunity to update their configuration. In the Acquia Cloud 1.96 release, we will remove these outdated $conf configurations.

Changes to HTTP access into web instances for new web instances

In the 1.94 Acquia Cloud release, Acquia will change the way web instances accept HTTP requests.

After this release, newly created web instances will accept HTTP requests only from the associated load balancing instances. This will apply to newly created web instances, as well as new web instances added to existing sites. For these new web instances, customers with sites trying to connect directly to their web instances via the external IP address of the instance will not be able to after this change. Note: The IP address of the instance is not the same as the external IP that may be listed on your domains page to use for DNS, that is the IP of the load balancer, not the individual web instances.

If you have hard-coded a reference to the "IP address or FQDN" (i.e. web-1234.realm.hosting.acquia.com) of one of your web instances into your site, you may be required to change those reference as webs will only accept HTTP requests coming from known and trusted balancer instances.

If you have any questions about this change, contact Acquia Support by logging in to https://insight.acquia.com and visiting the Acquia Help Center.

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