Acquia Cloud 1.66.1

Release Date

The Acquia Cloud 1.66.1 release includes the following new enhancements:

  • Activity notifications.

    The Please Replace These Missing Tokens now notifies you of activities on your websites, so you can keep track of events and changes. The notification icon in the Network header displays the number of notifications and gives you access to detailed information about Insight alerts and events in the Cloud user interface, such as code deployments, domain changes, and user changes. For more information, see Viewing activity notifications.

  • Easier to connect Acquia Cloud sites to the Acquia Network for analysis.

    Now when you install or import a website that contains the latest version of the Acquia Network Connector module (7.x-2.10), Acquia Cloud will now automatically connect your site to the Acquia Network. For example, if you install the Acquia Drupal or Drupal Commons distribution, which both include the latest Acquia Network connector module, the module will be automatically configured with the keys required to connect your site to the Acquia Network.

  • New guides to walk you through common Acquia Cloud tasks.

    The Acquia Cloud user interface now includes click-through guides to show you, step by step, how to use Acquia Cloud to accomplish several important website management tasks. In the Acquia Cloud user interface, click Show me how to get started.

  • Show me how

  • Managing disk storage for Acquia Cloud Frees.

    Acquia Cloud Frees are limited to 250 Mb of disk storage. Websites that exceed the storage limit will stop working. If you have a Acquia Cloud Free, the Cloud > Workflow page now displays what portion of your website's 250 MB disk storage quota you are using, and displays a message if you exceed the limit.

  • When a website has reached the disk storage limit, Acquia Cloud periodically clears disk storage space that is no longer being used by the database. To free up disk space to go below these limits, see Managing disk storage for Acquia Cloud Frees .

  • Some Drupal distributions no longer available for one-click installation.

    The following Drupal distributions are no longer available for installation from the Cloud > Workflow page:

    • Acquia Drupal 6
    • Drupal 6 core
    • Open Scholar

    You can still use other methods to import any Drupal 5+ Drupal distribution into Acquia Cloud.

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