Acquia Cloud Site Factory 1.11

Release Date
  • WM134: Launch final Gardener/Gardens (review dev tasks at:
  • WM134: Finish up whitelabel install profile (review dev tasks at:
  • WM156: As a gardener admin, I want to assign the gardener admin role to other trusted users to ensure coverage when some site admins may be away
  • Roles:
    • Platform Admin
    • Site Builder role TBD
  • Implementation notes:
    • Site Grid
    • User Management
  • Gardener is configured such that all sites created will have the ‘hybrid’ Local/OpenID authentication mode enabled (story was: Provide a method to convert a site from the OpenID/Gardener Authentication to a Local Authentication (
  • Local Log-in: Provide a method to allow platform admins to authenticate via OpenID/Gardener if the site is set to authenticate members locally. (
    • Login to the site through Gardener
    • Login through URL on the site:
  • Acquia Ops is now proactivley monitoring memory, CPU, availability of sites, available disk, performance statistics, etc. As new sites are made live, they will be added to monitoring.

Enterprise Staging Instance

WM134: Finish up whitelabel staging & launch (dev tasks available for review at

  • This environment will be used by Acquia to test new builds of the white label platform (Gardens Development AWS Account)
  • For the foreseeable future, it will be built nightly with the latest code from svn, and with copied customer sites with anonymized user data.
  • Users: Gardens Dev team
  • This environment will be used for future mid-sprint reviews and sprint demos.

Manual migration of customer sites built on SMB Gardens to customer’s tangle

>As a platform administrator, I need to migrate sites from a Drupal Gardens tangle to a white label Drupal Gardens Enterprise tangle so we can populate the Enterprise tangle as part of its delivery to the customer (Dev tasks available for review at


  • WM53 As a platform admin, I want sites to enforce COPPA during account creation so that I follow the applicable law (dev tasks available for review at:
  • Pulled forward in the schedule to accommodate request from customer (was Sprint 64)
  • Will be released to SMB Gardens at a later date. There is an ongoing discussion about which pay-tier it will be included in as a differentiating feature.
  • Will be released to customer’s instance.
  • Developed by contractor.

Meta tags

  • As a Site Builder, I want Meta tags configuration included in the seo_ui module so that my SEO configuration experience is seamless across content editing.
  • Feedback from last sprint was incorporated: planned work is complete
  • Will be released to SMB Gardens at a later date. The work to put it behind a paywall didn’t complete this sprint (
  • Will be released to customer’s instance
  • Customer has requested two changes:
    • Integration with Views: Known issue on d.o:
    • Support for ‘rel=”image_src”’ tag: Not presently supported by the meta tag module so this will be considered new functionality. However, we should review whether image_src is still required. Open Graph introduces the og:image property that provides the same functionality as rel=”image_src”. og:image is supported by the metadata module.
  • Acquia sponsored/directed development by Dave Reid in August & September. Incorporated into Gardens with some final development tasks by contractor.

User Analytics Variables

  • Feedback from last sprint was incorporated: planned work is complete
  • Will be released to SMB Gardens at a later date. The work to put it behind a paywall didn’t complete this sprint (
  • Will be released to customer’s instance
  • Developed by contractor.

Member Management API

  • WM-92 Member Management API: CRUD, Block and Unblock users, set roles & permissions (development tasks available for review at:
  • Work pulled forward from Sprint 63.
  • Uses two-legged OAuth
  • PHP test/example client was developed as part of this story
  • Will be released to SMB Gardens at a later date.
  • Note: some work is ongoing on the API, but the current plan is to release Member Management API on Nov. 28.

Customized Emails from the site

  • WM152 As an enterprise, I want to be able to control the email content sent from a site so that I can deliver an unique per-site experience (development tasks available for review at:
  • Will be released to SMB Gardens at a later date
  • Will be released to customer’s instance

Migration Emails

Email notification to migrated members to instruct them to update their passwords on new websites.

  • Process:
    • A database table for users to be emailed will be created for each site by Acquia, either via MikeR’s migration scripts, or manual activity by an Acquia Engineer.
    • Customer personnel will need to draft the email. Configuration-->Bulk Email.
      • Batch size: this is the throttling mechanism. Adjustments to this value need to be discussed with Acquia to make sure the mail server’s IP doesn’t get blacklisted as a spammer.
      • Subject & Body can be edited with the following variables: Acquia Help Center,, [user:name], [user:mail],,, [user:edit-url], [user:one-time-login-url], [user:cancel-url]
    • When notified, Acquia engineering personnel will run a Drush command to enable the bulk email process.
  • This feature will release to customer’s instance
  • Will not be released to SMB Gardens.

Themeable Overlay for Local Log-in

  • Local Log-In: provide a themed overlay for local log-in to sites (DG-1203)
  • Local Login Overlay: As a site administrator, I want to theme the login overlay for my site so it has the site name, logo, fonts, colors, and overall theme as the site itself to reinforce my site brand.
  • Implemented via the Dialog_user module.
  • Currently still under development--Contrator will work the remainder of the week on this feature to make it ready for release.

Janrain Social Login & Social Publish

  • Janrain’s work is in-progress and will not release on Nov. 28.

Other activity in the sprint

  • Timebox to continue supporting the implementation of the Social Login/push feature with Janrain. (DG-1252)
  • Develop content access control plan for WM41 - Register-to-Consume: Access control on content
  • Story-map & review next two epics:
    • WM29 Submit photos via email
    • WM92 Member Management API: Block, Unblock users, control roles and privileges
  • Peformance/Load testing:
    • ES-642 Stand up a customer test stage that includes machines needed for the customer performance contract
    • ES-644 Get a gardens instance running locally to create a baseline for the customer load and performance testing. Run initial performance test and write up initial assessment for performance improvements. (gardens sites would benefit from memcache)

Release Plan

Sprint 62’s work will be released as Gardens v1.11, currently planned for release-to-web at 8pm Eastern. Process overview:

  • We will turn off site creation on the tangle
  • 5 sites at a time will be put, very briefly, into maintenance mode - the message the user will see is customizable and there are themeing options.
  • Site creation is restored on the tangle

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