Acquia Cloud Site Factory 1.12

Release Date


  • WM41 As a site admin, I want to restrict visitor access to members-only content, and sell them on a membership so they can access it. Taxonomy Access Control work progressed this sprint. Still under development. No release for this sprint. Planned for completion in Sprint 64, along with the custom 403 behavior for upsell presentation.
  • WM24 As a contributor or privileged member, I want to be able to upload photo or embed video content through the site, aka, Upload UGC via Webform: release to ENT, not to SMB (Can’t be released to SMB until feature is made more generic - specifically config custom content type for storage of photo & video embeds, and config of Taxonomy vocabularies)
  • WM141 As a site builder, I want the ability to have greater control over styling site menu items, aka Custom Menu Themeing. Release to SMB & ENT
  • Site Builder role on Gardener for ENT only. Hierarchically below the Platform Administrator Role, the Site Builder can create and manage sites, but cannot administer users.
  • Paywall management: added a feature to Gardens to allow Acquia administrators to indicate which subscription levels have access to a particular module. This will enable release of Meta tags and Server variables to SMB Gardens at the Professional tier.
  • Janrain integration - Social Log-in. We are releasing a preview version of the social log-in feature suitable for themeing, but some of the workflows are still under development, need more testing, and are known to have issues. This is an incomplete feature and should not be configured for release on a production site until the feature is completed, which will be released through a hotfix.
  • Janrain integration - Social Publish: will not be releasing, although some of this functionality will be visible because of the integration with the Social-Log In feature. Incomplete.
  • Repeating Date: release to SMB and to ENT. Date fields can be configured for to repeat according to configurable recurrence patterns.
  • JS performance improvements will be released to ENT only (not applicable to SMB Gardens). These are Varnish configurations and the ability to manually update JS file paths.
  • Comments in Reverse Chronological Order (supports threading): releasing to ENT, but not to SMB (will release next sprint, after releasing to d.o for export support)

Bug Fixes

  • In the ThemeBuilder, the ACB layout tile is always marked as applied even when a different layout is chosen. (DG-1576)
  • Enterprise Drupal Gardens not respecting 404 configuration from Configuration > Site Information. (DG-1852)
  • An 'unexpected error' page displayed for template site...Fixed the root cause with (DG-1698)
  • Platform admin is unable to set the site's Terms of Service through the Site grid view. (DG-1733)
  • As a site builder, I want the mandatory Birthday field to display years in reverse chronological order from 2011 to 1911. (DG-2066)
  • settings.options.wmode is assigned in media_youtube.js without first checking if settings.options is defined. (DG-1882)
  • server variables module not returning values for detail pages. (DG-1914)
  • therepublictigers - clicking on a blog from the home page causes a fatal error. (DG-1983)
  • Can no longer create users when logged in as admin. (DG-1989)
  • COMMON: ThemeBuilder: Site builders can't select second level li's to easily style, causing non-functioning menus. (DG-619)
  • slashes in autocomplete field throw 404. (DG-1530)
  • WYSIWYG broken on "Text" fields, only works on "Long text" fields e.g., Link field has impact. (DG-1271)
  • MULTIPLE: Banners stopped rotating for anon users; need to disable block caching, clear cache. (DG-1158)
  • D7 Bug: RSS Feeds do not include category (taxonomy tags) information for nodes. (DG-1337)
  • php notice: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$block in sqbs_block_view. (DG-2041)
  • AJAX ERROR when trying to remove .doc files. (DG-1544)
  • settings.extlink is not defined when a local login dialog box is opened on a ENT site. (DG-1828)
  • The ckeditor wysiwyg is stripping % signs out of the width and height attributes of object and embed tags. (DG-1069)
  • Apply patch to cache views::unpack_options. (DG-1971)
  • Character Limit On Milo Blog Landing. (DG-1976)
  • The 'show more' link, when clicked, loads more items outside of the element that contains the original list of items. (DG-1997)
  • VIEWS: fixed apostrophes being double-escaped in Views link path tokens. (DG-2005)

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