Acquia Cloud Site Factory 1.14

Release Date

The Drupal Gardens service was updated on Feb. 22nd with the following new features and enhancements:

  • Publish out to your social networks

    To expand your content's audience, you and your website's users can publish certain content items to the social web, such as Facebook or Twitter. With a larger audience, your content becomes more interesting and valuable, driving more visitors to your website. To learn more, see Social publishing.

  • Allow external software to perform actions on your site

    In Drupal Gardens, you can grant third-party API access to your site through an API key and secret. This allows external software to perform actions on your site, such as creating and managing users from the Member API module. In order for the software to perform these tasks, it requires an API key and secret to securely interact with your site. To learn more, see Generating an API key.

  • Use images to show which user roles can access restricted content

    For Professional subscription plans or higher, when your site features content restricted by access control, you can encourage visitors to become premium members on your site using Role Indicators.

    Role indicator example

    Role indicators are small images used to enhance content teasers, taxonomy term listings, and user pictures that indicate what roles apply to them.  By applying role indicators to content teasers, you can show users that the corresponding content is only available to privileged users. When users without access to the restricted content click the teaser image, you can take them to an upsell page, where they can contact you or another admin on your site to grant them access to the restricted content by adding the appropriate role to their user account. You can also choose to show a similar indicator on their user profile image to indicate they are a privileged member to your site with access to the restricted content.  To learn more, see Creating role indicators.

  • The Modernizr library is included to develop feature-targeted webpages

    The Modernizr library is a set of tests that determines what features a browser supports. With Modernizr, you can practice feature-targeted webpage development rather than browser-targeted development, a more future-proof approach.  You can enable this library after you enable the JavaScript libraries module.

    Prior to Modernizr, a browser like Internet Explorer 8 that did not support certain features, such as box shadow, would have to target those features through a separate stylesheet with conditional comments. Now, all features can be included in one sheet and target the capability of rendering the feature as opposed to a specific client like Internet Explorer 8. To learn more, see Using the Modernizer library.

  • Updated Drupal core to 7.12 and updated the following modules:
  • Known issues with this release:
    • Social login fails if there is a user account already on the site with the same email address as the facebook account. (DG-2970)
    • After a user signs up and authenticates for a site account using Janrain, they are returned to the "create your account" page with only a couple of the required fields populated from their social login account. In addition,  the Janrain buttons are still visible, inviting the user to try again, even when they signed in correctly.  (DG-2921)
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • An invalid AJAX error occurred when creating taxonomy terms. (DG-2616)
    • In the ThemeBuilder's advanced tab, sometimes it was difficult to add custom CSS depending on the amount of spaces it contained. (DG-2159)
    • When using the Analytics variables module, incorrect data was being returned by some of the variables. (DG-2898)
    • Upload Video Page visible despite no permission to add video. (DG-2808)

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