Acquia Cloud Site Factory 1.15

Release Date

The Drupal Gardens service was updated on March 12th with the following new features and enhancements:

  • Added a CDN to speed page views globally and improve uptime
    A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is available for Enterprise Drupal Gardens to make your Drupal Gardens site page load times faster for global audiences. No matter where visitors are located around the world, they will see consistently fast page load times. In addition, in the event of routine site maintenance or rare server failures, Drupal Gardens’ CDN support will provide a read-only version of the site as long as necessary. Learn more
  • Centrally change text used anywhere in your site using site variables (beta)
    Create site variables any time you have text (like company names, email addresses, common URLs, etc.) that you need to be able to easily change. This is especially useful when creating sites that may be duplicated to create other sites (commonly called site templates). After duplicating a site template, you can update site variables to personalize the site.

    For example, you can create a site variable called DepartmentEmail with a value of [email protected], and then insert the DepartmentEmail site variable as needed on the site’s contact page, blog posts, and articles. If the email address changes (after duplicating the site for a new customer or for other reasons), simply change the value of the DepartmentEmail site variable and the new email address will be updated on the site’s contact page, blog posts, and articles. Site variables can also be configured to represent JavaScript values, enabling site-wide replacement of values within JavaScript code. Learn more

  • Easier image editing and control over image styles
    It is now easier to rotate, crop, and scale images in the WYSIWYG editor, making it even faster to get your pictures looking the way you want. After you enable the module, click the icons below your image to start editing. You can also choose if you want to combine your image edits with an existing image style for more control of the final image. Learn more

  • Improved image handling
    Drupal Gardens has added the imagemagick toolkit for faster image processing.
  • Create personalized and dynamic content using tokens (beta)
    Add tokens to any content making it personalized and dynamic based on the logged-in user, current date, site details, and more. For example, you could insert the token in a blog post and when the blog post is displayed, the name of the logged-in user would appear within the blog post. To add tokens, you must enable them on your site. Learn more
  • Control access to forum topics
    For Professional subscription plans or higher, Drupal Gardens has added fine-grained access control to forum topics. Now you can define access control rules describing which users (by role) can view, edit, or delete a forum topic. Role indicators can also be applied to forum topics to highlight which topics are restricted.

    For example, you may want to allow all site visitors to discuss topics on current events, but only allow users with the Editor role to discuss topics related to improvements on your website. Learn more

  • Updated the following module:
  • Known issues:
    • Forwarding an email with a photo attachment fails to create content. (DG-3506)

      Upon forwarding an email photo for content creation, the user receives the following email message: "Your content couldn't be saved because of the following error(s): No file or embed url was submitted". Workaround: Save the attachment, create a new email, and reattach the photo.

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