Acquia Cloud Site Factory 1.18

Release Date

The Drupal Gardens service was updated on May 23rd with the following new features and enhancements:

  • Get help faster

    When you log in as an administrator, click Help to access videos, documentation, or contact Support. (DG-3307)

    Enterprise Drupal Gardens help options

  • Fixed the following issues:
    • The /galleries page did not display if you disabled the Media Gallery module, deleted the Gallery collections vocabulary, and then re-enabled the Media Gallery module. (DG-4008)
    • Drupal Gardens sent duplicate verification emails when users uploaded content through email. (DG-3778)
    • If an administrator created a local account on a site, they could not log in to the site as an administrator using their OpenID credentials. (DG-3774)
    • Drupal Gardens did not display images or videos with special characters in the media’s title, such as !, @, and $. (DG-3925, DG-3668)
    • If you created a new block, it could not be selected for display on unpublished themes. (DG-4062)

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