Acquia Cloud Site Factory 1.20

Release Date

The Drupal Gardens service was updated on Jun. 27th with the following new features and enhancements:

  • Centrally manage social profile data using Janrain Capture
    If you’re a Janrain Capture subscriber, your users can now log in using the Janrain Capture service, which allows you to centrally manage your user profiles across multiple websites. Learn more. (DG-4263)
  • Expand your pool of site builders
    Assign users to the new Content manager role so you can delegate website content creation and theming responsibilities. Note that this role cannot access other administrative functions (such as account management). Learn more. (DG-4050)
  • Added ThemeBuilder access control
    You can now control which ThemeBuilder tabs are displayed to specific user roles, which provides only the theming functions users need for their role. Learn more. (DG-4050)

    ThemeBuilder access permissions

  • Added support for the viewport meta tag
    Make your website more readable on mobile devices by enabling the viewport meta tag for your website. Learn more. (DG-4225)
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • A notification email was not sent to the user if an error occurred when they uploaded an image to a website using email. (DG-4244)
    • If social publishing was enabled, visitors using Apple iOS-based devices could not see the login fields. (DG-4121)
    • When some users tried to delete media files, they received an error message stating that the file was in use and could not be deleted. (DG-2660)

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