Acquia Cloud Site Factory 2.62

Release Date

This release of Acquia Cloud Site Factory is scheduled for release on July 19, 2017. It contains the following updates:


  • More flexibility in website backup options
    Back up or restore individual site components (database, public files, private files, themes, codebase) or full websites through the Acquia Cloud Site Factory user interface or API. Learn more.


  • Acquia Cloud Site Factory now logs only user-understandable log messages for website installations, duplications, and updates. (DG-17542)

Fixed issues

  • Attempting to install Drupal 8-based websites that included read-only settings.php files failed. (DG-15926)
  • Drupal's core .gitignore file prevented files required by Acquia Cloud Site Factory from being committed. (DG-17153, DG-16104)
  • Users could not duplicate websites in which the acsf_duplication module was disabled. (DG-16278)

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