Acquia Cloud Site Factory 2.66

Release Date

This release of Acquia Cloud Site Factory is scheduled for release on October 11, 2017. It contains the following updates:


  • You can now assign a domain name to an Acquia Cloud Site Factory website before the domain name is pointed to Acquia's servers. (DG-15242)
  • The Audit logs now track website staging tasks. (DG-17305)
  • Task processing steps now have time limits for their execution to prevent stuck tasks. (DG-17609)

Fixed issues

  • Deleting a theme from version control did not delete the symlink to the theme. (DG-16578)
  • For some customers, theme uploads that contained PHP files failed. (DG-16578)
  • Creating, duplicating, or backing up websites failed if the sitename contained trailing spaces. (DG-16786)
  • In some circumstances, failed staging tasks were displayed as successful in the user interface. (DG-17064)
  • Acquia Cloud Site Factory did not verify if changes were deployed correctly for code deployments. (DG-17836)

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