Acquia Cloud Site Factory 2.68

Release Date

This release of Acquia Cloud Site Factory is scheduled for release on November 29, 2017. It contains the following updates:


  • The Acquia Cloud Site Factory Connector module was updated to revise its included scripts and files by removing outdated references.

Fixed issues

  • Attempting the following actions in Acquia Cloud Site Factory did not clear both Twig and the theme caches for all servers in a subscription:
    • Drupal cache clears
    • Varnish domain flushes
    • theme changes
  • When a website was duplicated across sitegroups, connections to search cores would fail.
  • When attempting to stage a website, an optional failed check for install profiles could cause the staging process to fail.
  • For some customers, uploading a theme that contained PHP files would fail.
  • Drupal 8 website installations would fail if stale installation data was cached during the install process.
  • Email notifications for website duplication failures did not contain a link to the relevant log files.

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