Acquia Dev Desktop 2 (27 July 2015)

Release Date

This release of Acquia Dev Desktop includes the following updates and fixes:


  • You can now configure local Acquia Dev Desktop websites to use port numbers less than 1024, enabling you to use the default HTTP port of 80 and the default HTTPS/SSL port of 443. Learn more.
  • When you clone an Acquia Cloud website, you can choose not to clone the database or files. This can be helpful if your database or file system is very large and takes too long to clone. Learn more.
  • Acquia Dev Desktop now provides simulated HTTPS support using a self-signed SSL certificate, which supports local testing and development of websites that rely on SSL. Learn more.


  • The version of Drush included in Acquia Dev Desktop is now Drush 8.0.0 beta 12.
  • The Windows version of Acquia Dev Desktop now enables OpenSSL by default in the php.ini file. (IN-2029)

Fixed issues

  • A cURL path error could prevent Acquia Dev Desktop websites from connecting with the Acquia Connector. (IN-1918)
  • An issue with Git tags could prevent creating a local clone of an Acquia Cloud website. (IN-1941)
  • Exporting a Drupal archive (backup) of a multisite could fail when one or more multisites did not have a database. (IN-1961)
  • If you attempted to clone a misconfigured database, the clone process would fail without the ability to cancel the operation. (IN-1969)
  • Improved handling of syncing where a multisite's list of databases in one branch of code differs from another branch. (IN-2041)
  • Having more than one remote Git URL could cause Acquia Dev Desktop to crash. Acquia Dev Desktop does not support pushing to more than one Git repository. (IN-2084)

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