Acquia Dev Desktop - 21 March 2016

Release Date

Acquia Dev Desktop contains the following updates:


  • Acquia Dev Desktop now generates 4096 bit keys for use with connecting websites to Acquia Cloud.
  • Upgraded Drush to version 8.0.5.
  • Upgraded MySQL to version 5.5.48-37.8
  • Upgraded PHP to version 7.0.4.

Fixed issues

  • The installed version of Drush used PHP 5.4 when no website was selected. (IN-1213)
  • In some circumstances, large Acquia Dev Desktop sql.gz files used an excessive amount of disk space. (IN-2370)
  • Acquia Dev Desktop created keys that could not be used to connect to Acquia Cloud 1.89.1 or greater. (IN-2436)
  • Attempting to update Composer displayed the following error, and did not complete successfully: Composer\Downloader\TransportException] The "" file could not be downloaded: SSL operation failed with code 1. (IN-2437)
  • The link to the Known Issues documentation page was broken. (IN-2487)
  • Acquia Dev Desktop was not compatible with SVN version 1.9.*. (IN-2528)

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