Acquia Dev Desktop - 22 October 2015

Release Date

Acquia Dev Desktop contains the following new features, updates, and fixes:


  • Generate SSH key pairs

    In order to sync a local website with Acquia Cloud, you need to register an SSH key in your Acquia user profile. If you don't already have one, you can now generate a public/private key pair using Acquia Dev Desktop. Learn more.

  • Connect using a proxy

    You can now configure Acquia Dev Desktop to connect to your Acquia Cloud subscription through a proxy. Learn more.

  • PHP 7 support

    Acquia Dev Desktop now includes PHP 7. This version of PHP provides substantial performance benefits, especially for Drupal 8. Note, however, that PHP 7 does not include many PHP extensions that are included with the PHP 5 versions, because they are not available yet.


  • Apache has been upgraded to version 2.4.16.
  • MySQL (Percona Server has been upgraded to version 5.5.44-37.3.
  • PHP has been upgraded to versions 5.5.30 and 5.6.14.
  • phpMyAdmin has been upgraded to version 4.4.14.
  • Drush has been upgraded to version 8.0.0 rc1.

Fixed issues

  • In some circumstances, when syncing databases for a multisite installation, the wrong database was updated. (IN-2069)
  • When you install Drupal¬†8, the installer skips the Set up database phase, since Acquia Dev Desktop provides the database credentials. (IN-2117)
  • Added patch.exe to the Windows version of Acquia Dev Desktop, so that drush make now works. (IN-2123)
  • Added support for JPEG in the imagick library. (IN-2135)
  • An issue with git checkout could cause errors in cloning sites. (IN-2150)
  • In some circumstances, Acquia Dev Desktop could crash when the OS wakes up from sleep mode. (IN-2185)
  • An error occurred when making a local clone of a site that has a tag deployed. (IN-2199)
  • Importing a site with very long file names on Windows could cause Acquia Dev Desktop to crash. (IN-2215)

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