Acquia Lift 1.0

Release Date

Introducing Acquia Lift!

Acquia Lift delivers testing, targeting, and analytics capabilities to simplify the delivery of personalized digital experiences. By tracking site visitors and their attributes, Acquia Lift builds intelligence over time, allowing organizations to better understand what content converts for various user profiles. This can provide organizations with an ability to scale the 1:1 conversion by accelerating the creation of assets that convert.

Required module versions

Install or update the following module versions to use Acquia Lift 1.0:


  • Testing and targeting embedded directly into your Drupal site

    Easily create A/B and multivariate tests for your content directly in Drupal. Create and track conversion goals, and gain real-time, granular insight into website conversion performance against KPIs.

  • Adaptively incorporate lessons learned into your site

    Automated targeting and explicit rules-based targeting based on attributes stored in Drupal or on a wide-range of detected attributes like geolocation, device, or even current weather.

  • Improve your understanding of how your site visitors interact with your site

    Learn about personas based on both an "at-a-glance" view and detailed reports so you understand content relevance and what's driving lift.

For a complete list of the changes included with the Acquia Lift-required modules, see their project pages.

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